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Rototilt increases the pace of development - presenting four updated tiltrotators

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Rototilt increases the pace of development - presenting four updated tiltrotators

Rototilt is now releasing four updated tiltrotator models – the R4, R5, R6 and R8. They are equipped with new innovative technology for even longer service life, smoother operation and with a new rotation sensor for more precise positioning.

"We’re constantly working on improvements and we’re not waiting to release of a new tiltrotator model before making these new improvements available," says product manager Sven-Roger Ekström.

The unique technical solutions that Rototilt introduced with its R-series have received a warm reception with thousands of tiltrotators sold worldwide. But work with development continues and is even being intensified, with a number of new refinements now being introduced for the series:

New worm gear

The new versions of the R5, R6 and R8 have a new rotation gear wheel with improved geometry and tighter manufacturing tolerances, providing a smoother operation with less friction. The new rotation gear is also equipped with a new worm, with built-in lubrication channels that improve and further increase the service life of the tiltrotators. The models are also equipped with a new high-pressure seal.

Updated control system and new rotor housing sensor

The new models of the R4, R5, R6 and R8 also come with a new rotor housing sensor that provides improved positioning through the existing RPS function. The sensor in the hydraulic motor has been replaced by a rotation sensor located in the rotor housing. The new sensor can read an absolute position with greater precision. In addition, it comes with new software for the Innovative Control System (ICS), which has a number of smart features. With the supplied in-cab display, operators can easily adjust settings and have a complete overview of the tiltrotator system.

Continuing with the new models, the patent-pending safety lock SecureLock™ is available as an option, with constant monitoring to ensure that tools and attachments are always securely coupled. All this, along with an extensive range of tools, demonstrates commitment to improving work capabilities for machine operators by transforming excavators into fully-fledged tool carriers that increase both efficiency and safety.

Available in all markets

Production start for the updated models was at the end of April, and all four models are now available for order in Rototilt's markets around the world. 

For more information about the updated tiltrotators and Rototilt's research and development activities, contact:

Sven-Roger Ekström, Product Manager, Rototilt Group AB
Tel: +46 70 640 31 40

For pictures please contact:Anna-Clara Fridén, Digital Marketing Manager, Rototilt Group AB, +46 70-675 13 97


Rototilt is a world-leading supplier of tiltrotators, accessories and systems. With Rototilt® products we break new ground for construction machines by converting excavators to full-fledged tool platforms. Through a global service network, we offer a unique combination of technical expertise, quality, capacity and understanding of the customer’s business. Our customers are found around the world and we strive to ensure that they experience precision, reliability and commitment in all contact with us. More information is available at


Press contacts

Sven-Roger Ekström

Sven-Roger Ekström

Product Manager Rototilt Group AB +46 70 640 31 40

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