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Interest has been substantial since Rototilt launched its product improvements this spring.
Interest has been substantial since Rototilt launched its product improvements this spring.

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Rototilt’s high rate of development continues

The high rate of development for Rototilt continues. This past spring, the tiltrotator manufacturer could announce longer service life, smoother operation and higher precision for tiltrotators R4, R5, R6 and R8. Now the same innovative technology is also being introduced for the R3 model, designed for excavators between 6–12 tonnes.

At this year's trade shows, impressed customers have had the opportunity to view the technical details that contribute to the solid performance of Rototilt tiltrotators.

“Our unshakable commitment to our customers' wishes is what drives us to continually develop and constantly improve our products,” says Sven-Roger Ekström. “It feels great to be able to present several improvements in such a short time.”

Smoother operation with new worm gear

Built-in lubrication channels in the worm screw lubricate better and increase the service life of the tiltrotators. Rototilt has also introduced tighter manufacturing tolerances and improved the geometry of the worm gear components to provide smoother operation with less friction.

New gable sensor for increased precision

The sensor for the Rototilt Positioning Solution (RPS) has been redesigned. By moving it from the hydraulic motor to the gable, the excavation system reading is now in absolute numbers with higher precision.

The improvements have been introduced in the R3 models now being delivered from the factory. 



Rototilt is a world-leading supplier of tiltrotators, accessories and systems. With Rototilt® products we break new ground for construction machines by converting excavators to full-fledged tool platforms. Through a global service network, we offer a unique combination of technical expertise, quality, capacity and understanding of the customer’s business. Our customers are found around the world and we strive to ensure that they experience precision, reliability and commitment in all contact with us. More information is available at


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Sven-Roger Ekström

Sven-Roger Ekström

Product Manager Rototilt Group AB +46 70 640 31 40

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