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ASSÖ 17, the Swedish Command Post Exercise powered by 4C and Exonaut

4C Strategies, the world’s premier readiness solution provider supports the Swedish Army in planning and developing training progression measurements and exercise evaluation using 4C Strategies proprietary software suite Exonaut.

“The support and services by 4C Strategies, including the Exonaut software, are professional and invaluable in exercises with clear exercise and training objectives, where the Training Audiences capabilities and progression are efficiently clarified. Thanks to Exonaut, development areas are systematically identified and efforts can be focused where our requirements are. This allows us to develop clear roadmaps for our capability development,” says Colonel Michael Nilsson, Commanding Officer of the Swedish Land Warfare Centre.

At the end of the exercise, a First Impression Report and an Observer Trainer report were delivered through Exonaut. The reports included collected qualified evidence and recommendations on the Training Audiences performance progression based on the Training Objectives.

During the exercise the Swedish Supreme Commander, Micael Bydén, visited the training deliverers and was impressed with the Land Warfare Centres briefing on how military capability is tracked and developed using Exonaut.

ASSÖ 17 is paving the way of methods and solutions to the Swedish Armed Forces Combined Joint and Multinational Live Exercise AURORA 17 in September, the largest exercise in Sweden in more than 20 years. Just as ASSÖ 17, AURORA 17 is supported by 4C Strategies, both through our Exonaut software as well as through our delivered subject matter expertise.

“I am impressed by the Army management and officers adopting the re-transformation of the capabilities, developing their methods to follow up the progression of the tactical units, using the state of the art user designed method support.”, says Ulf Jinnestrand at 4C Strategies.

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