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Press contacts

Mauritz Carlström

Mauritz Carlström

Press contact PR & Influencer Manager, Expansive Worlds +46(0) 7231 23 260

Jerome Ortmann

Press contact PR and Influencer Manager Systemic Reaction

Johan Hallstan

Press contact Head of PR & Communications Avalanche Studios Group

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Avalanche Studios Group is a leading interactive entertainment company, offering a rich portfolio of games from Avalanche Studios, Expansive Worlds, and Systemic Reaction, including the Just Cause franchise, Rage 2, theHunter: Call of the Wild and Generation Zero. Avalanche Studios Group is committed to being a truly inclusive and sustainable workplace that creates innovative games through the power of our peoples' creativity. All of Avalanche Studios Group games are developed using the proprietary Apex engine, enabling vast open worlds filled with immersive gameplay. Learn more at

Avalanche Studios Group
Västgötagatan 5
11827 Stockholm