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Bemannia increases the survival chances- provides a defibrillator

Every year more than 10,000 people suffer a sudden cardiac arrest outside the hospital in Sweden. Only 5,000 of them get treatments. 500 people are annually rescued to life after a sudden unexpected cardiac arrest outside the hospital. Unfortunately, it could happen to anyone. It could be a family member, a colleague, a neighbor or a friend, youths as old. The most critical factor is the time. It is very important to get access till an AED defibrillator as soon as possible cause it is often critical to saving lives. If there is a defibrillator within three minutes, research shows that the chance of survival is more than 70 %.

-At Bemannia we think it is obvious to have a defibrillator nearby if an unexpected cardiac arrest would occur. Therefore we have bought one to our office at Sveavägen 155, says Staffan Bruzelius, CEO at Bemannia.

A defibrillator is a gear used to give electric shock in order to try to make the heart beat again on a person suffering from a cardiac arrest.

During this spring we will educate our staff at our head quart in Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to increase the chances to saving lives.

For further information, please contact Staffan Bruzelius, CEO at Bemannia.
Telphone: 08-845 300 eller 0771-84 53 00
Twitter: @bemannia

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Bemannia is a public and Swedish owned manning and recruitment company that supplies competent and qualified staff by rental, recruitment and staff contracts within Organization & Leadership, PR & Information, Market & Sales, Finance, Law, HR & Staff, Real Estate & Technique, IT & Data as well as Office & Administration. Since earlier, Bemannia has a frame agreement with 34 municipalities and some 100 administrations, companies and authorities all over Sweden. Bemannia is a member of Bemanningsföretagen and is an authorized manning company with collective agreement with Unionen and Akademikerna. Bemannia is quality assured according to the Quality management system ISO 9001:2008, Environment management system 14001:2004 and Work environment certified according to OHSAS 18001:2007. The company management has been active for more than 35 years.


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