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Bemannia supports an orphanage for abandoned children in Thailand

In the city Khon Kaen, in the northeastern Thailand there is an orphanage for abandoned children. 48 children lives there and they all have an own story to tell about why they are there.  There are a lot of challenges for these children but the joy, love and family atmosphere of this place cannot be mistaken. 

Kent Thunfors, Bemannias former consultant contacted us because of a project his daughter, Maria Källgren was involved in.

Maria says:

“When I earlier visited this orphanage for abandoned children I was deeply touched by a little boy who tried to play a guitar. The guitar was damaged and the strings where off. Even though this little boy tried to play for me and I realized that I truly wanted to help this little boy and all the other children. I wanted them to learn to play an instrument. Therefore, I am now working to collect money for this project I collaboration with the aid organization Invisible Friend”.

Bemannia adopted the challenge and have now sponsored this purchase of musical instrument aimed for the orphanage and also the cost to involve a music teacher says Staffan Bruzelius, CEO at Bemannia. It is wonderful to give these children some happiness and also give something to them as well as share the success we have achieved by engage in this project and orphanage.

Because Bemannia chooses to be a part of this project music will be an important part of the children’s life says, Jenny Axene Initiator and founder for Invisible Friend. For these children music is a wonderful and grateful joy and a positive spur in their daily lives!

For more information about Invisible Friend please contact Jenny Axene,Invisible Friend,
Telephone: 0706-94 75 03

For further information, please contact Staffan Bruzelius, CEO at Bemannia.
Telephone: 08-845 300 eller 0771-84 53 00
Twitter: @bemannia


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Bemannia is a public and Swedish owned manning and recruitment company that supplies competent and qualified staff by rental, recruitment and staff contracts within Organization & Leadership, PR & Information, Market & Sales, Finance, Law, HR & Staff, Real Estate & Technique, IT & Data as well as Office & Administration. Since earlier, Bemannia has a frame agreement with 34 municipalities and some 100 administrations, companies and authorities all over Sweden. Bemannia is a member of Bemanningsföretagen and is an authorized manning company with collective agreement with Unionen and Akademikerna. Bemannia is quality assured according to the Quality management system ISO 9001:2008, Environment management system 14001:2004 and Work environment certified according to OHSAS 18001:2007. The company management has been active for more than 35 years.


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