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Catalonia - Status of the destination

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Catalonia - Status of the destination

Overcoming covid19. Tourist offer in Catalonia:



  • All kinds of establishments (hotels, apartments, campsites...) are entitled to open and are operating under clear health and safety measures to control the spread of the virus.
  • Activities offered and organized by accommodations require prior reservation and must guarantee a minimum interpersonal safety distance of 1,5 m.

Restaurants and bars

  • Restaurants and bars are allowed to open in accordance with established health and safety regulations.
  • When consumption of food and beverages make the use of a mask impossible, the distance of 1,5 m. between people must be guaranteed.

Beaches and swimming pools

  • Access to beaches is allowed respecting a personal security space of 2,5 m2. Showers and foot baths are also allowed as long as they are outdoors.
  • The use of public swimming pools is permitted as long as the minimum safety distances are guaranteed. An appointment is required.
  • Municipalities are entitled to set additional measures regarding access to beaches and public swimming pools (specific areas dedicated to families, maximum length of stay, etc.).

Museums, cultural sites and events

  • Museums, exhibition halls, monuments and other cultural facilities may decide to limit the capacity of their rooms and public spaces in order to make sure the safety distance of 1,5 m is respected.
  • Cultural and educational activities, conferences, workshops and concerts are organized with a limited number of attendees to make sure the interpersonal safety distance of 2m is guaranteed.

The main tourist attractions in Catalonia are open: Catalonia tourist attractions - State of the Play

Public transport

  • Public transport operates normally following the established health and safety measures.

Shops and Stores

  • All shops, shopping centers and stores are allowed to open.

Other places of tourist interest

In most of the Catalan territory the spread of the virus is under control so facilities and sites of tourism interest are open to the visitor and can be enjoyed without major constraints. Among them:

  • Port Aventura (Salou, Costa Daurada)
  • Montserrat (Inland Catalonia)
  • La Roca Village (Roca del Vallès, Inland Catalonia)
  • Dalí Museum (Figueres, Costa Brava)
  • Salvador Dalí House Museum (Portlligat - Cadaqués, Costa Brava)
  • Monastery of Santes Creus (Costa Daurada)
  • Carthusian Monastery of Escaladei (Costa Daurada)
  • Tarragona Roman Amphitheatre (Costa Daurada)
  • Vall de Núria Resort and Sanctuary (Costa Brava, Pyrenees)

Measures in relation to safety distance, use of masks, meetings and crowd capacity

  • Safety distance

It is requested to maintain a safety distance between people of 1,5m and a safety space of 2,5m2 per person.

Distances of less than 1m are not allowed indoors, except between people traveling in a group or maintaining close contact on a regular basis.

  • Masks

The use of a mask is mandatory for people over 6 years of age both on the streets and outdoors as well as in public spaces whether open or closed, and on public transport.

Exceptions to the use of masks:

People with any type of respiratory illness or difficulty that may be aggravated by the use of a mask.

When practicing sports, eating or drinking, on beaches and swimming pools, and when surrounded by a stable group of coexistence.

More information about the use of masks in Catalonia:


  • Meetings and gatherings

Meetings are allowed as long as they do not involve overcrowds or exceed the maximum permitted capacity.

  • Capacity in public spaces, buildings and indoor spaces

It is requested to keep a personal space of 2,5m2 as well as the pre-booking and assignment of seats.

This distance may be reduced if the organizer increases protection measures, sets a clear circulating itinerary and takes extra measures to avoid congestion.



Catalan Tourist Board is the official body that works to promote and consolidate the “Catalunya” brand around the world.

Catalonia is the number one tourist destination in Spain and one of the leading destinations in Europe, with more than 24 million tourists visiting per year, of which more than 14 million are from abroad.

The office in the Nordic countries takes leads the Catalonia's promotion in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Estonia.

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