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  The Volvo Co-Pilot continued to create ripples when it beat other top performers to win the Car HMI Award 2016 in the category 'Most innovative HMI feature'. Imagine a construction machine winning an award at a car event. Talk about technology crossing borders. Presented by we.CONNECT, the awards were part of Europe’s leading HMI and UX event which brought together more than 200 experts in HMI, usability and user experience. “It is a tremendous honor for Volvo CE to win this prestigious innovation award,” said Sidney Levy, design director at Volvo CE. “Volvo Co-Pilot sets a new industry standard, puts the user at the heart of the system and is the first step towards an integrated, holistic solution for worksite optimization. With its intelligent assist-functionalities, the system allows our customers to work more efficiently and safer than ever before. This award is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of Volvo CE’s skilled employees who continue to push the boundaries of technology and design." The award is also a tribute to the proactive collaboration between Volvo CE and CPAC Systems who worked together to develop the revolutionary Volvo CE platform. "We are extremely proud that this collaboration is recognized within the automotive community," said Richard Berkling, President of CPAC Systems. "The award just reemphazises what we at CPAC Systems are passionate about: turning differentiating technology into industrialized solutions where true integration optimizes cost as well as productivity for our customers." [...]

   Last week at Bauma, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) created quite a stir when it unveiled its innovative and revolutionary Volvo Co-Pilot services as part of its new intelligent machine solutions. There were people lining up to try the new machines with the Volvo Co-Pilot and Assist services. We took competitors by surprise, and customers by storm. Amongst the feedback was that we totally understood our customers’ business and application needs. So what was the hype about? Volvo Co-Pilot The Volvo Co-Pilot platform, and the advanced ‘Assist’ machine services - Dig Assist, Load Assist, Compact Assist and the soon-to-be available Pave Assist - are the machine operator's best friends. They enable the operator to quickly and independently manage all operations at the construction site with ease, accuracy and full control.  The Volvo Co-Pilot is designed to take the complexity out of the daily operator work; it is intuitive enough to operate with minimal training, and on-screen support is always available at the touch of a button thus, optimizing ease of operation and uptime. The operator can also customize functions and targets in seconds to easily monitor the progress of his/her work with greater independence and confidence. New software functionality is remotely delivered thanks to over-the-air software updates which are always under the customer’s full control. Volvo Co-Pilot also has its own cloud storage where production data and reports are stored for remote access. [...]

Excerpt Volvo Construction Equipment is launching a new approach to its comprehensive customer services and solutions portfolio, along with launches of an innovative control display and a range of advanced machine management services.     At bauma 2016 Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is launching a new approach to how it offers services and solutions to customers. The new method gives greater clarity on both the range of services and solutions offered, and the value they deliver for customers’ operations and businesses. Volvo CE will also use the show for the international unveiling of its revolutionary Volvo Co-Pilot onboard services display, and advanced ‘Assist’ machine services – Dig Assist (pictured), Load Assist, Compact Assist and the soon-to-be available Pave Assist.   Volvo Co-Pilot – your partner in the cab Bauma will also be the international launch of the company’s exciting new on-board display – the in-house developed Volvo Co-Pilot. Designed for use on machines as diverse as excavators to pavers, Volvo Co-Pilot uses a tablet computer to deliver a new generation of intelligent machine services, such as Load Assist, Dig Assist, Compact Assist and Pave Assist (see below for more details). Ruggedized for use in a construction environment, Volvo Co-Pilot and the Assist-functionalities are introduced to the market as part of Efficiency Services, with the ultimate aim of producing higher quality outcomes, in less time and with less effort.        [...]

We create products and features that differentiate our clients from their competitors (differentiating technology) and turn these into high-value products (industrialized innovation).

CPAC Systems is passionate about turning differentiating technology into industrialized solutions for our end customers. Technology that generates new revenues and unique value creation of core products by challenging mature industries and value-chains. We want to improve the penetration of solutions that drive productivity but which are held back by expensive aftermarket solutions. True integration by the OEM will significantly bring down cost for the customer.

Working with system integration in safety critical control systems, we have a proven track record of developing and industrializing differentiating technology within maneuvering, automation, X-by-wire systems, and HMI. Our clients are global renowned brands within the commercial transport industry, both within and outside the Volvo Group.

Our corporate culture has been one of our key success factors. It is characterized by strong entrepreneurship, responsibility, openness and lack of prestige. To thrive here, we believe that you need to like working in a creative and fast paced environment with all its pros and cons.

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