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Putting People and the Planet First

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Putting People and the Planet First

At Egain, we value our shared environment highly and use our culture of innovation to create a better planet. We use the power of our employees and solutions to reduce the impact of our customers and we have on the environment.

Our ambition is high – to make the world’s buildings a part of the solution to solve one of humanity’s most significant challenges – climate change

We’re working to apply the power of technology and expertise to ensure corporate responsibility, safeguard human rights, and protect our planet. Our policies and practices reflect a commitment to making a positive impact in communities where we operate.

This commitment is also central to why many of us come to work every day because we know that the more successful we are – the better for the environment, today and in the future.

At the center of our brand compass are our values. No matter which direction our company tacks, they remain fixed, steady and true. They don’t describe what our company hopes to achieve, or how it intends to achieve it, or even why it hopes to do so.

Our values, instead, get at how our brand promises to act. They identify the principles that define our brand’s character and drive our behavior.

TEA is what we stand for:


We are passionate about earning and keeping stakeholder’s trust by delivering tangible and long-term value. We take responsibility for our performance and the outcome to deliver measurable results and treat interactions in a personal and human way. We help our customers to be successful.


We always strive for simplification and to make it easy for customers. We provide consistent and positive experiences with our company.


We understand that markets move fast and that decisions and actions are reversible. Therefore we adapt quickly and love the change needed to serve customers smarter, better and more efficiently.

If you are like us, a curious, forward-thinking innovator that believes some of humanity’s most significant challenges can be turned into opportunities, then you’re welcome for TEA with us.

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Egain är ett ledande SaaS-teknikföretag inom digital kontroll och energioptimering av bostäder och statliga byggnader. Företaget utvecklar IoT-lösningar, mobilappar och AI-baserad mjukvara som visualiserar byggmöjligheter och optimerar energiförbrukningen vilket leder till lägre energiförbrukning, förbättrad byggnaders miljöavtryck, optimerad boendekomfort och en högre fastighetsvärdering. Egain grundades 2003 med HQ i Kungsbacka, Sverige, och ägs idag av Summa Equity. Med kontor i fem europeiska länder betjänar Egain för närvarande mer än 5 000 byggnader och 300 000 lägenheter i 11 länder.


Karl-Johan Holm

Karl-Johan Holm

Presskontakt CEO
Viktor Vitell

Viktor Vitell

Presskontakt CMO +46 731 577 394
Filip Lagerlöf

Filip Lagerlöf

Presskontakt Digital Marketing Specialist Digital Marketing +46 768 507 392

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