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The fifth of a series of six lectures looking at artists' involvement with film, politics, literature and popular culture. Discussing film presence in the context of the art institution, the cinema, the film festival and an online archive. Examining structural relationships, methodologies, economies and discourses of film as a critical document. Each lecture is followed by a screening of work represented in Timeline: Konstfacks Videotek. 5. OBSERVATIONAL MODE PLUS MINUS ETHICS MANIPULATION, INESCAPABLE BIAS AND DRAMA IN ORDINARY EXPERIENCES Alexander Vaindorf, Russian-Swedish artist and filmmaker based in Stockholm. Wednesday 14th of February 5.15 pm Nokia ad - Gary Oldman versus Wiseman's "a need to conduct a four-way conversation between myself, the sequence being worked on, my memory, and general values and experience". The lecture will explore the process of "constructing a movie" and the montage of "fragments"; aspects that involve choices are therefore manipulative, biased and compressed. This includes a further look at the vocabulary of cinema that alternate between document and fiction, between present image and memory. A closer examination will be given to the margins between conventional observation, participatory observation or the option to effect change on the situation, yet indeed the ethical obligation to construct a fair account of the experience. Mendelgren Lecture Theatre KONSTFACK T-Bana Telefonplan Organised by Institutionen för Konst. Timeline. Konstfacks Videotek. Michele Masucci and Marysia Lewandowska RADICAL THINKING FILM SEMINARS Wednesday 25th October 5.15 pm 1. THE CINEMATIC CITIZEN MOVING IMAGE MAKING IN CONTEMPORARY ART AND CULTURE Michele Masucci, artist based in Stockholm. Wednesday 8th of November 5.15 pm 2. TALKING HEADS THE FATE OF DIALOGIC PRACTICES Carles Guerra, artist and curator based in Barcelona. Wednesday 6th of December 5.15 pm 3. SOCIAL CINEMA FRAMING RELATIONS IN OPEN FORMS OF PRODUCTION Wendelien van Oldenborgh, artist based in Rotterdam. Wednesday 17th of January 5.15 pm 4. BETWEEN STORIES AND DOCUMENTS HOW IMAGES ARE USED TO CONSTRUCT INTERPRETATIONS OF HISTORICAL AND CONTEMPORARY COURSES OF EVENTS Petra Bauer and Kajsa Dahlberg, artists based in Stockholm and Malmö Wednesday 14th of February 5.15 pm 5. OBSERVATIONAL MODE PLUS MINUS ETHICS MANIPULATION, INESCAPABLE BIAS AND DRAMA IN ORDINARY EXPERIENCES Alexander Vaindorf, artist based in Stockholm. Wednesday 14th of March 5.15 pm 6. ACTING MOMENTS WHEN FICTION IS OUR TRUE PERCEPTION Miriam Bäckström, artist based in Stockholm. ----- Alexander Vaindorf self-presentation: In my work I employ research models, wide fieldwork and post processing as strategies and devices to (de) construct storytelling formats. Based initially on verifications of the past the works indirectly articulate time fragments of our current history. Moreover projects deal with consequences of prior significant socio-political events /turn-overs/ and it's through time subdued spread and effects. Within relation to collectively shared topics I narrow focus on individuals (selective memory) who involuntarily became a part of these processes. I seek to unveil the complex political and social processes through which the relationships between reality and fiction, authenticity or evidence create a critical outlook on the idea of universal truth. The material in recent video installations derives from extensive fieldwork among marginalized groups in places we share in common. Ukrainian work migrants at their Sunday meeting point in the Parco di Resistenza in Rome; children born in the Chernobyl area in the year of the accident, now facing memories and reality forced upon them as they gather in a sanatorium; interpretation of past experience and the role of a single individual - a 29 years old architect who worked for Milosevic rebuilding bridges after NATO bombings and creating an 'Eternal Flame' obelisk; high school students discussing letters they wrote to the Swedish government before their graduation - through the use of documentary stylistic devices and the de-construction of media storytelling formats the work drafts a socio-cognitive status report of the present whose relevancy reaches well beyond the borders of the zone observed. For further information :


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