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Peter Ingman

Peter Ingman

Presskontakt Digital Strategist +46 705294179

Aggregator for start-ups with a global ambition within TIME sector

Firesoul is an aggregator specialized in the TIME sector or ICT. Sometimes categorized as InfoCommunications. The company are actively looking for investing in and strategizing new entrepreneur driven start-ups, especially with Software as a Service oriented business models.

Entrepreneur, investor and communication firesoul Peter Ingman has worked within these sectors since 1995. He went from digital change manager on Accenture, to start Spray Interactive that became Razorfish and then founded Mynewsdesk, a global innovative PR platform specialized on helping enterprise and organisations to work smarter with earned media. Mynewsdesk is one of Swedens successful SaaS cases with 200 people and Operating Income around 20 MEuro 2015. Peter sold Mynewsdesk to norwegian media group NHST in 2013 and left as CEO in november 2015.

Resources about TIME and InfoCommunications


and a lot of good information about the industry sectors from Accenture that now have a branch covering "Digital" especially:


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