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The World Bank in International Partnership to Create a New Global Award for Sustainable Communities

STOCKHOLM, April 27, 2010 — The World Bank has joined with Globe Forum and other international organizations to create a new global award for sustainable communities that will recognize and encourage best-practice cities. 

The goal of the initiative is to establish a single global annual award of the highest stature for sustainable communities. The new award, The Sustainable Community Award, would recognize excellence in urban communities, promote a shared approach by national and international agencies working with cities, and facilitate research and learning on sustainable development. The Award would be open to all urban communities worldwide and would encourage a more rapid transformation toward sustainable and liveable cities.  

The Award is modelled after the Nobel Prize with a full-scale independent selection process, carried out by top researchers within the field. Each year one city will be selected and receive global recognition. 

"Across the world, many communities are addressing sustainability through an array of efforts, each contributing to the broad goal of sustainable development,” said Daniel Hoornweg, Lead Urban Advisor at the World Bank. “Ensuring that these initiatives are recognized and lessons replicated is important for all. The time is right for like-minded parties to work together to recognize and encourage communities under a common program.”   

Globe Forum, the World Bank, private sector partners, and agencies such as the United Nations Environment Programme, UN-HABITAT, and the World Engineering Federation, are working toward an independent, collaborative, and open process solely focused on advancing sustainable communities. The Partnership will now develop a structure to define ‘sustainable’ over time, a mechanism for selection, and confirm funding sources. 

"Globe Forum and the World Bank have come together to found an open process with the expressed goal of recognizing and promoting the advancement of sustainable communities,” said Johan Gorecki, CEO, Globe Forum. “Through the process we seek to unify, support, and enhance existing efforts to promote and enable sustainable communities.” 

Globe Forum has since 2007 recognized sustainable initiatives through “The Globe Award”. Experience and knowledge from the Globe Award will be transferred in to the new award process.

For more information please contact:
Daniel Hoornweg, Lead Urban Advisor, The World Bank, Washington, phone: +1-202-458-4731
Roger Morier, Communications Advisor, The World Bank, Washington, phone: +1-202-473-5675
Johan Gorecki, CEO and founder, Globe Forum and Globe Award, Stockholm, Sweden, phone: +46-70-482 82 82, e-mail:
Martina Nee, Director Globe Award, Globe Forum, Stockholm, Sweden, phone: +46-733 17 53 55, e-mail:


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Globe Award was founded in 2007 in Sweden by the international business network and marketplace Globe Forum. Globe Award 2010 is acknowledging prominent researchers, innovators, cities and companies – from all parts of the world – within four categories Sustainability Research Award, Sustainability Innovation Award, Sustainability Reporting Award and the Sustainable City Award.,


Martina Nee, Manager Globe Award

Manager Globe Award Globe Award - Leading Sustainability Awards 073-317 53 55

Johan Gorecki, CEO Globe Forum

Presskontakt Founder and CEO of Globe Forum Globe Forum +46-70-482 82 82

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