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The shopping centre that knows 40 % of its most valuable customers

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The shopping centre that knows 40 % of its most valuable customers

Kongahälla Friends has now been live for a year. Friends is the customer program of Kongahälla Center, a shopping centre outside of Göteborg in the west of Sweden. About 40% of the returning customers of Kongahälla are now members of the program. This gives Kongahälla Center an important tool and advantage in kick-starting their business after the Corona crisis.

In this article, we give you insights into why it is important to know your customers, how this can be done in your shopping centre and suggestions on how to restart your business. In three coming articles we will dive deeper into each of these questions. 

1. Why should you know your customers?

If you know your customers, you can adapt your communication. The more you know, the more relevant you are. Relevance is key to attracting customers. However, in order to become relevant, you need to know them as individuals. By knowing their individual preferences you can create bespoke communications and bring these individuals back over and over again.

Kongahälla use their knowledge about their customers to increase visitations, to help their tenants to push sales and to attract partners that give extra value to the members. The data is also used to provide more insights to tenants and tests has begun to relate shopping in the centre with online shopping. 

2. How do you build a database of your most important customers?

Building a database is all about creating value for the customer. The more a customer can benefit from sharing their identity, the more likely they are to join a program. Shopping Centres have a fantastic opportunity to create value as they have something for everybody, every day. The success of building your database is in the details of how you build your program.

In Kongahälla Center, we have connected 90 % of all stores to the Kongahälla Friends program, we have 65 active rewards for members, more than 150 000 interactions and about €5 million spent in the program.

3. Some ideas on how to restart the business

Long term, we think shopping centres should focus on building a customer database. This will increase your footfall and sales but most important it will create additional insights and business. But the Corona crisis calls for a restart. To kick start the business, there is a lot that can be done immediately. Here are some examples

  • Collect and present all offers and deals from tenants in a way that is easy for customers to access
  • Collect and present tenant/retail information about opening hours, extra services and offers.
  • Give the tenants/retailers an opportunity to reward their customers when they shop
  • Reward customer behaviour that increases sales, for example, shop for €10 in any store and receive an ice cream.
  • Give customers a possibility to purchase now but shop later.
  • When possible, arrange events such as a treasure hunt and let customers be actively participating in the centre.

Start the planning today - even if your centre isn't ready for a kick start yet, if it's done correctly today there is a huge possibility for tomorrow. Start thinking about how your centre can start the digitalisation transformation now.

In a further 4 articles, we will dive deeper into why it is important to know your customers, how the value for customers is created, how you set your goals for your customer program and how to kick start the business after the corona crisis. 

Goloyal Play is a customer program for shopping centres and cities. Play connects marketing and communication with customer behavior and insight. Goloyal Play creates the necessary value for turning unidentified customers into loyal members. Play is easy , join the program, connect your credit card or bank account and continue to shop as you always do,. The rewards will start coming instantly and everything is 100 % automatic!



Robert J Westerbom

Robert J Westerbom

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Björn Forssell Bjärbo

Björn Forssell Bjärbo

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