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President Lars Strannegård handed out the Gun and Einar Larsson Scholarship 2021 to Cindy Wang and Malin Lundblad.
President Lars Strannegård handed out the Gun and Einar Larsson Scholarship 2021 to Cindy Wang and Malin Lundblad.

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Project in Singapore receives the Gun and Einar Larsson Scholarship

Students Cindy Wang and Malin Lundblad have been awarded the Gun and Einar Larsson Scholarship 2021 (GELS) for their project “Sustainable Innovation Through Co-creation in Singapore”, respectively.

The Gun and Einar Larsson Scholarship offers outstanding students at Stockholm School of Economics the opportunity to create and realize innovative projects abroad according to their own design. The aim of the scholarship is to offer experience and personal development outside of the academic realm that benefit the student’s education and professional aspirations.

Sustainable Innovation through co-creation in Singapore

Malin Lundblad and Cindy Wang were awarded the scholarship for their project “Sustainable Innovation Through Co-creation in Singapore.” They have a long-standing interest in sustainability issues and innovative solutions within the transportation sector.

“With their passion, ambition, and great drive, Malin and Cindy demonstrated the qualities that characterize SSE students with great future potential. Their strong characters in combination with a clear and feasible project idea, about how Stockholm can learn from Singapore regarding passenger transport in a big city, made them stand out in the competition from a dozen other strong applications. Their self-designed projects provide great potential for growing and developing the qualities and skills required to create a way forward in today's global society,” said the GELS alumni network.

Project Summary

Singapore is working for sustainable future mobility, a car-lite city that relies on public transport and on autonomous vehicles, buses and shuttles providing transportation strategically for first- and last-mile transportation. They are working on making other transport options more attractive compared to a private car by improving the experience, quality, accessibility, and price of public transport.

Therefore, these kinds of technology solutions can have major sustainability effects when implemented, with less traffic accidents and lower emissions. In order to reach their strategic objectives within future mobility, Singapore relies heavily on co-creation between different actors. The different sectors co-create encouraging and innovative solutions.

“The aim of our GELS-project is to understand the co-creating partnerships between private and public actors present in Singapore. We will travel to Singapore when it is possible to travel again, to interview different actors in order to find out how to establish these types of value-adding relationships within the public transportation sector. Upon returning to Sweden we plan to arrange a workshop, bringing together public and private actors to brainstorm similar solutions in Stockholm. We wish to facilitate a dialogue between state actors and potential entrepreneurs to aid in creating innovative solutions within Stockholm’s transportation sector.”

For more information, please contact
Malin Lundblad, GELS scholar 2021, email: 24634@student.hhs.se
Cindy Wang, GELS scholar 202, email: 24775@student.hhs.se



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