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Find the Lights - Discover the bright spots in your everyday life

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Find the Lights - Discover the bright spots in your everyday life

The aim of this year’s Lights in Alingsås lighting festival is to help visitors see and remember lighter moments in their everyday lives. The darker things are, the brighter they shine.

Now Lights in Alingsås has revealed this year’s installations, the theme of which is Find the Lights, a continuation of last year’s theme, Be the Light.

Something new this year is that there won’t be one particular light trail that visitors follow, instead there will be a number of lighting installations spread around central Alingsås, with a couple of them a little way outside the centre. This year Lights in Alingsås puts the focus on light and its importance in everyday life. Looking on the bright side is more important than ever this strange year, when the whole world is in the throes of a pandemic.

Among other things, the aim is to display the permanent lighting installations which Alingsås already has, and which Alingsås Energi has given the town over the last twenty years. It is about using lasting lighting, which increases security for the town’s citizens, and which also encourages them to get out and about on foot, on bikes or on public transport.

The new installations were created by Swedish lighting designers who have participated in earlier projects.

Färgeribron and Gasverksbron will get new lighting. Andreas Milsta from White Arkitekter is behind Färgeribron’s design, which will also include a workshop with students from the electricity and energy programme at Alströmer’s Senior High School. Gasverksbron will get a facelift with new lighting designed by John Hallgren from Taras Ljusdesign. Both installations will emphasise the historical nature of their respective locations.

In the cables of the Jubilees  lighting installation visitors will be able to see life and movement in the form of ballerinas dancing over the river. The Jubilees installation was created last year and makes it possible to construct different experimental illuminations at different times.

-” This year is far from normal, but we think it would be a shame to cancel the festival. Instead we want to tempt Alingsås residents and the public to come out, but in a new, safe way,” says Jan Olofzon, CEO of Alingsås Energi. “We are investing in digital communication and developing an app. There will be a new release before the opening where you can find a guide and get information about what’s going on. You’ll also be able to read about earlier installations. “

One of last year’s most popular contributions was Childrens Lights, which this autumn will be located at Plantaget with its installation, Rosa himmel. Two years ago, Malin Wallin found a piece of sky had landed at Plantaget! This year she wants to change things and instead lift us up among the clouds on one of those magical evenings when the sky is pink and an air balloon hovers silently above. This balloon is filled with all the colours of the rainbow, which symbolise diversity, respect and tolerance.

-“I hope the place will encourage kindness and reflection, where we can meet both ourselves and others. Our world faces an uncertain future and one of the most important things to have if we are to save ourselves, each other, and the world, is a respect for all forms of life. We also need to respect that we all have the same right to be ourselves,” says Malin Wallin whose idea and design the installation was.

In Gerdsken, the installation Flytande Universum offers visitors three complementary experiences: Distance, The Angle of Sight and Dark to Light . Just as in the universe , in Gerdsken a possible “moving universe” in created in miniature! Jan Simon and Bertil Göransson are behind this installation, both of whom have participated in Lights in Alingsås many times previously.

And at Stora Torget, we have a big surprise waiting!

In total, twenty-four points of light will be spread around the whole of Alingsås, with the focus on the stretch from Gerdsken via Lillån to Nolhaga, with a few exceptions. It is entirely up to visitors in which order they decide to visit them.




About Lights in Alingsås

During the event Alingsås is alive with activity, and in recent years Lights in Alingsås has resulted in over 70,000 visits to the town in October. The lighting festival is an important international meeting place for lighting designers, students and companies. Since 2018, Lights in Alingsås has been run by Alingsås Energi.

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