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Lights in Alingsås to spread light further

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Lights in Alingsås to spread light further

Here we go again! 
Just in time for the 400th anniversary of the Swedish town Alingsås, it’s time for the 20thannual light event, Lights in Alingsås. Just like last year, it’s organised by Alingsås Energi. The event opens to the public September 27th, and the preceding week we will host our international workshop for invited lighting designers and students from all over the world. This year’s theme is called “Be the light”, and is intended to inspire visitors to become ambassadors of light and make the world a little brighter for the people around them.

“We’ve had excellent feedback from this year’s Workshop Heads,” says Event Manager Angelica Larsson at Alingsås Energi. “We’re firmly convinced it’s quite easy to make the world a little better through small, consistent efforts, and we hope that our ‘Be the light’ theme will spread that idea far and wide.”

“Be the light” as a concept was developed by advertising agency Femti5. “It’s a manifestation of the Eleanor Roosevelt quote about how it’s better to light a small candle than to curse the darkness,” explains Creative Director Christer Andersson. “It’s a powerful and evocative idea that we believe can spread and be very effective. Even if only a few percent of the 70,000 visitors make an effort to Be the light, it could have a significant impact locally as well as globally.”



About Lights in Alingsås

During the event Alingsås is alive with activity, and in recent years Lights in Alingsås has resulted in over 70,000 visits to the town in October. The lighting festival is an important international meeting place for lighting designers, students and companies. Since 2018, Lights in Alingsås has been run by Alingsås Energi. 

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