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Tobias Bengtsdahl (COO) and Gustav Lundberg Toresson (CEO)
Tobias Bengtsdahl (COO) and Gustav Lundberg Toresson (CEO)

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Personalized celebrity messages platform Memmo sees profile signups increase by 2.5x and expands to Germany and Finland

Memmo now kicks off its European expansion tour by launching in Germany and Finland - the first two markets outside of its home market Sweden. The platform allows celebrities to communicate directly with their fans and followers through personalized video messages. Since its launch in December 2019, it has been welcomed by more than 800 celebrities sending >5,000 videos to their fans. Memmo has seen increased traction during times of social distancing and the launches are part of the company’s vision of building a pan-European brand of making celebrities connect “‘1to1’ instead of ‘1to many’”.

As social media has turned fans into engaged followers, the company now wants to take the next step in that relationship and make it personal for celebrities and their following. The same applies when entering new markets such as Germany and Finland, it is all about local adaptation and relevance.

“We’ve had a strong belief in the pan-European potential of this phenomenon from the start, and are eager to finally present our platform outside of Scandinavia. One of our strongest assets is our ability to offer a locally relevant experience - whether it’s offering the right payment systems, trending profiles or local relevance to customers, or providing our profiles with hands-on white-glove support. Germany and Finland are largely in quarantine and we’ve seen a drastic increase of interest from profiles to connect with their fans while having to stay home” says Gustav Lundberg Toresson, CEO of memmo.

The company was founded in the late summer of 2019 by Gustav Lundberg Toresson and co-founder Tobias Bengtsdahl. In three months they went from idea to go live with the platform that now represents over 800 celebrities in various categories. This, after a seed funding of $2 million and a growing team of 25 employees that now takes aim for continental Europe. The platform allows celebrities to offer personalized videos for their fans and followers to purchase, and fans often record reaction videos, which can be sent to the profiles. Birthday greetings, one minute stand-ups, style advice, pre-game pep talks are usually requested on the platform. During Covid, it has become increasingly popular with personalized songs from musicians to grandparents in isolation, quarantine jokes from comedians and pep talks to kids missing out on comic-con events from Youtubers.

Since Covid-19 has hit the world, memmo has started #actwithmemmo, a campaign where >25% of celebrities and memmo donate all proceeds to WHO’s fund to support healthcare workers and fight Covid-19.

“In a very short time, memmo has already been part of some amazing and life changing experiences - proposals, job offers, and pep talks to people in tough situations to only name a few. We think this shows both great potential and a repositioning of how profiles will connect with their following in the future. A personalized video is the new autograph, and something we can allow our profiles to offer at scale. With our platform you turn speaking to everyone into talking to those who listen. With a severe pandemic also affecting the world, this change in digital communication is bound to happen.” says Gustav Lundberg Toresson.

Memmo launches in Finland and Germany this week, with international celebrities including Peter Forsberg (ice hockey), Victoria Silvstedt (model) and Alicia Agneson (actor). Visit to see more.

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Celebrity video platform is a service where you (for example) can order your mom’s favorite actor to wish her “Happy Birthday”, a famous football player to wish the team “Good luck” or a Youtuber to give a personalized pep talk to your sister.

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