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Mycorena together with ICA launching Promyc nuggets nationwide

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Mycorena together with ICA launching Promyc nuggets nationwide

During the year, Mycorena and ICA have had a collaboration where they test-launched a limited edition of vegan Promyc- nuggets in selected ICA stores around Sweden. Following the great success of the test launch, both ICA and Mycorena are now making more extensive plans to launch the product nationwide in 2022, making it available to all ICA stores in Sweden. 

Promyc, a unique mycoprotein made through natural fermentation, is a complete protein, making it a healthy and sustainable food ingredient. Moreover, with its neutral taste and appealing texture and consistency, Promyc has become an ideal ingredient when developing new vegan products for many food manufacturers in Sweden and Europe. 

Mycorena has so far made an extensive product portfolio using Promyc as the key ingredient, primarily in the meat replacement segment. During the ICA Växa collaboration project spanning over a year, Promyc nuggets turned out to be the winning product and got selected to launch in selected stores.  

The main ingredient of the nuggets, Promyc mycoprotein, is locally produced in Mycorena’s production facility in Gothenburg, and the nuggets are launched with several key labels, including “From Sweden” and Nyckelhålet (“The Keyhole stamp” which stands for healthy and nutritious food).

The collaboration started as an initiative within ICA – ICA växa, promoting the consumption and production of Swedish plant-based food to test and build insights about the future of mycoprotein within the Swedish market.  

The test launch confirmed our belief that there is a big interest and market potential for the Swedish mycoprotein. Before and during the test launch, we got the chance to gather valuable consumer feedback and the majority reflect the fact that Promyc is vegan, locally produced, fully sustainable, and at the same time highly nutritious. The product also scored high in taste, texture, smell, and easiness to cook. Customer feedback showed that 77% of the customers wished to buy the product again – which we are, of course, very excited about. With this second phase of the collaboration now, we are looking forward to having Promyc nuggets available all over Sweden through ICA stores’’ – says Ebba Fröling, project lead, and COO at Mycorena.  




Mycorena är en foodtech startup som tillverkar ett hållbart, veganskt och högvärdigt mykoprotein. Baserat i Göteborg tillverkar de sin produkt, Promyc, som möjliggör storskalig framställning av högkvalitativ och hållbar mat.

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