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Eyeonid Group AB (publ) announces the EyeOnText partnership with almagenic UG

Nyhet   •   Mar 05, 2018 20:53 CET

The EyeOnText business area is entering into a partnership with almagenic UG on Digital Intelligence Management.

"The EyeOnText business area is venturing into Finance (Banking and Insurance), Healthcare, Publishing, Public Security, Customer Engagement and Commerce, and, any industry in which textual content, social media monitoring, cyberspace, and the like play a role," says Daniel Söderberg, CEO, Eyeonid Group AB.

Now we are seeing a partnership between EyeOnText and the German digital intelligence management company almagenic UG. Almagenic offers market analysis services focusing on qualitative values for brands and markets.

"The partnership agreement with almagenic gives us a very exciting introduction to the market for dynamic text analysis. It also means the formalization of a previous close cooperation between our development team in Antwerp and almagenic. Almagenic's use of EyeOnText is also in line with our vision for applying third generation text analysis that we offer through EyeOnText. The paradigm shift that third generation text analysis can offer includes a dramatic improvement in user-friendliness, efficiency and simplification in new language integration. It also puts the foundation for disruptive business models in already established markets, which almagenic is a brilliant example of." says Thom Thavenius, Vice President, Eyeonid Group AB.

"Our goal is to provide developed and reality-based decision making for market players in industries dominated by qualitative values. Previously, these values have been the subject of non-flexible and often old-fashioned analysis models. The old way of assessing sentiments around brands as well as customer group perceptions and experiences cannot handle all the qualitative values that represent absolute success factors for most companies today. Through the collaboration with EyeOnText, we can realize our methodology based on our experience in market analysis. The power of EyeOnText's tools gives us access to both the processing capacity, time efficiency and compliance required for our market offer. We also see exciting business opportunities through the increased market availability that a partner agreement with EyeOnText and Eyeonid Group will mean to us" Gunther Nowy, CEO almagenic UG.

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