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Nomineringen i Pentawards för WDW Creative och Juice Junky

Nyhet   •   Jun 01, 2017 14:58 CEST

Juice junky and WDW Creative nominated in Pentawards

Juice Junky is a lifestyle brand based around healthy living. They deliver top quality, organic, cold pressed juice based on nutritional facts. The concept is inspired by the sunshine and surf culture of Miami blended with traditional British farmers’ markets and the beautiful ingredients provided there. When Juice Junky came to us they wanted a graphic profile that expressed their passion and quality and inspired to healthy living, without coming across as pretentious or excluding.

According to Juice Junky healthy living should be fun and effortless and we wanted that to be apparent in the design. We also wanted the content to be in focus and let the sunshine have a constant presence. The name is built up by the shadows that appear when the sun is shining on it, letting the colour of the juice fill the outlined letters.