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Jan Skjoldhammer

Jan Skjoldhammer

Press contact CEO +46(0)733948417

Saving the climate with profitable wave power

The NoviOcean Wave Energy Converter relies on several unique and patented innovations. Using highly efficient and well-proven components as well as a strong and light-weighted structure ensures fully weather resilient and much higher power density compared to any other known wave energy system. Moreover, simplicity in manufacturing, installation, and maintenance ensures lower projected capital and operational costs.

Combining higher power density with lower costs leads to substantially lower LCOE values for NoviOcean WEC compared to any offshore marine energy concept known to date, and even at a competitive level to fossil energy sources in many regions. NoviOcean’s complete team of diverse and highly compatible experts is currently working on developing our first commercial 500 kW NoviOcean unit, with 2, and 5 MW models being in the pipeline for future development.

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