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Fantastic work, fantastic year for Swedish digital agency Milou

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 22, 2016 14:17 CET

Digital user experience agency Milou can look back upon an incredible 2015 with significant growth resulting in even greater clients, more fantastic people, revenue at record levels with a super result to follow. All this having the effect that the agency further establishes itself as one of Sweden’s most renowned and successful players in the digital arena.

”We took the strategic decision at the agency some 18 months ago to initiate a growth journey over the coming three-four years. And it’s not a walk-in-the-park strategy but rather an aggressive one that is both challenging and demanding” Patrik Jonsson, CEO at Milou, says. ”After spending a few years establishing a solid foundation for the agency, with a focus on stability and creating future possibilities, we instead decided to build on the market potential and demand for a player like Milou” Patrik continues.

Over the last 12 months, Milou has grown with more than 10 people, resulting in an agency with 25 employees and even more coming during the spring and summer of 2016. This means that Milou is now not only among the most experienced digital agencies in Sweden but also one of the bigger. ”The way we took on and delivered 2015 was nothing short of fantastic” Patrik Jonsson states. ”It was a year full of challenges but with the team we have assembled at the agency, it just became a matter of rising to the occassion – which everyone also did” Patrik continues.

During 2015 Milou established new partnerships with telecom giant Ericsson, Dubai-based mobile commerce venture Trriple and growing recruitment experts Unik as well as continuing successful relationships with Trivselhus, Affärsverken, Ditec, Telenor, RKV, Enkla Elbolaget, Paraply and more. ”Milou’s strategic positioning has really paid off when looking at the partners we are moving into 2016 with” Jessica Söderlund, Client Director at Milou says. ”The work Milou does, be it business development, service design or application development, is now in addition to being cross-industrial, also completely borderless” Jessica continues.

Late in 2015, Milou also opened up a second studio, this time in Kalmar. ”It was an extremely conscious decision to establish ourselves in Kalmar” says Patrik Jonsson. ”It is of course an interesting region from a client perspective but the presence of the Linné University convinced us as they offer educations very suitable to what Milou is offering” Patrik continues. ”We have no immediate plans to open up yet another studio but one never knows what lies ahead” Patrik says with a coy smile.

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Milou Communication is one of Sweden’s most renowned digital agencies with 25 project managers, interaction designers, developers, designers and strategists working with clients all over the world. Milou defines and produces digital services including online business systems, mobile commerce, self service abilities and overall digital transformation. Milou closed 2015 with a turnover at 19.433.000 (up 21%) and a result at 2.129.000 (up 18%). Year end 2015, the agency had assests at some 10.418.000.