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Follow Intrum, the leading company within Credit Management Services in Europe, and go digital.

Press Release   •   Apr 27, 2018 12:38 CEST

iZwop® is simply taking an old way of creating contact and propels it to the digital era. By using smartphones to share your info, iZwop® gets rid of the need for traditional printed business cards. No need for downloading an app and you get to be eco-friendly at the same time.

We are now happy to announce the latest addition to our user family; Intrum. Intrum is Europe’s leading company within credit management services with presence in 23 countries, and are now using our digital business cards.

“ – For us at Intrum, with businesses in many countries, it’s really important to know that all our employees can instantly share the same updated information with their new contacts. iZwop is definitely a perfect match for us to digitalize also the area of sharing contact information” says Marte Gran, Project Manager Brand and Communication at Intrum

Think of the digital business card as your new platform. It’s not just your contact information such as email and phone number that you need to communicate. Add videos, pictures and stories to create the perfect presentation. To be able to easily update the business card is one of the strengths of iZwop®.

Update company info to make sure your employees share the latest news and correct information to the customers. When you change your position, the company presents new products or if you are moving workplace, simply update the profile. Going digital also means you can easily get insights on how many times your employees share their cards and if your new contacts visits your website.

“ - Business cards are still a great product but more and more companies have stopped using the printed business cards as they realize that there are fantastic possibilities in going all digital. Our solution is unique, simple and so smart that you will receive the digital business card directly in your phone and don’t have to download any app.” says founder and CEO Martin Strempel.

Dare to digitize and become a truly modern company. Traditional business cards really belongs to the past.

  • No app needed
  • Easily update new company info
  • Easy sharing via SMS, AirDrop, Messenger or social media
  • Eco-friendly business card
  • Adds to your SEO and Google ranking

For more information, please contact;

Martin Strempel, Founder & CEO, iZwop®

E-mail: martin.strempel@izwop.com
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Marte Gran, Project Manager Brand and Communications, Intrum
E-mail: marte.gran@intrum.com
Save my digital business card

We help Companies to digitize and reach their climate-goals. We offer the next generation business card and the world´s leading platform for sharing, managing, tracking and updating all the business information the employee´s share when networking. No app needed.