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Newgen Distribution Newsletter - In store

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 27, 2017 14:36 CEST

In store execution

As the Newgen family is growing bigger we want to extend our strenghts in stores and out in the field. We've started to do more store visits to make sure our vendor's products are in stock, presented in the correct way with appropriate price tags and essential product info. This is not only relevant for making suggestions and carry through improvements. It's also good for us to get to know the Floor managers working with exposure and retail and the Store managers even better, to shorten the lead times and make the communication flow quicker. In some cases the store managers or the personnel themselves are demanding a short staff education. Sometimes we schedule a date for a training-course / demo day later on made by us for most of our brands, or our close partner Nordic Retail Group that are handling our large and well known brand Fitbit specifically.

The brand Tile before and after store visit:

Sphero's famous "BB-8" robot presented in the display window after store visit:

Our VR brand Homido got a better position and more space in the store after our visit, with alarmed boxes next to the POS:

Our very own fabricated "ICE VR" Bluetooth remote for VR headsets is a part of Kjell & CO's store exposure plan for all of their stores! For the ultimate VR experience:

Stefan Karlsson, Department Manager Telecom, increased the sales of Fitbit and wearables in general with 30-35% in 2 months by changing the position of the displays in his work at El Giganten's Megastore in Sickla:

If some stores hasn't got dummies of the whole range we make a request to our partner Nordic Retail Group. One of Newgen's most popular products, Fitbit Charge 2, a "Recommended article" at El Giganten. Here displayed in their Bromma store: 

Teknikmagasinet fronting Sphero (BB-8, Ollie) and Pebble at Fältöversten's shopping mall at Östermalm and Ringens shopping centre in Södermalm. A
s forthcoming products from our brands are on the way more improvements are on request: 

At Clas Ohlson Drottninggatan the department responsible for Multimedia asked for a staff education for Fitbit in particular. Pictured below - a well located Segway display at Clas Ohlson's Help Desk, in the large mall "Gallerian" in Stockholm city:  

Newgen's Product Manager responsible for Merchandising and Retail had a short staff education with three expert employees at Stadium's premium "Pulse" store at Kungsgatan, Stockholm. POS display at the best available position: 

El Giganten's well structured shelves at the Megastore in Sickla (same design as Kungsgatan, Stockholm). As Sphero is launching new products a request is made from one of the employees regarding a demo day held in the Megastore's Data Department: 

Newgen's Merchandising and Retail services

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any requests regarding in store execution or want help with better displaying of your brands products. We have good communication with both purchasers, space managers and floor managers and are continuously improving these services and our focus on these important details. We believe that presence in stores with regular intervals is as imporant as pricing or logistical matters. 

Our merger with CMS Distribution - Europe's leading specialist distributor

Since early December 2016 Newgen is a part of the CMS Distribution Group, with offices in UK and Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Australia and China. The merger will help us continue our aggressive growth and integrates Newgen into a Pan-European distribution group with an excess of revenue over 330M EUR for 2016. Our focus now is exclusive partnerships and to continue to bring, distribute and represent larger brands in the Nordic region and the Baltics. We can also make benefit from the long term specialist expertise in London. We believe that the merger with CMS will give us extra strong support to be able to back even bigger projects and partnerships in the future.

We add value to our partners distribution solution, being local in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. Newgen has local service partners including RMA hubs, covering all the Nordic countries. We continuously continue to develop these services to increase the service level for our customers.

We are now part of the CMS Group. The merger will help us continue our aggressive growth and integrates Newgen into a Pan-European distribution group with an excess of revenue over 330M EUR for 2016.

Newgen supplies northern Europe with wearables and connected technologies and is always looking worldwide for great and innovative technology.