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Newgen Distribution Newsletter - Logistics

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 13, 2017 16:04 CEST

Our warehouse in Kalmar, southern Sweden with scalable lot space

Our Supply Chain Manager, Sandra and After Sales Manager, Hampus recently visited our warehouse at the Electra Group to inspect our increased area of storage. The Electra Group has many years of knowledge in the area and is listed at the Swedish stock exchange market. Electra is a stable and solid partner that has been following Newgen from the beginning which means we have an efficient collaboration with short lead times and great contact. 

Newgen's warehouse is situated strategically in the main central of northern Europe. With RMA hubs placed around in the Nordic region Newgen is a strong competitor in its field. Very warm welcome to contact us for an introduction in wearable and connected tech distribution! 

Newgen's warehouse and logistics video

Here is a complete 1 ½ minute video from our warehouse showing the all the chains and processes in our work:

What we offer: A full logistic solution with B2B Shop

- Drop-Shipment & Refurbishment
- Orders registered before 12 AM leaves warehouse the same day
- Integrated reports/registrations, detailed sales reports, stock prognosis and RMA registration
- B2B order system for clients:

Our After Sales Service

Local workshops and aftersales gathering locations in order to offer full aftersales services to our customers.
Infocare: SWE, NO, FIN
Conmodo: SWE, NO

Newgen visiting our parent company's warehouse in Castleford

Sandra and Hampus recently visited CMS Distribution's warehouse in Casteford, UK near Leeds. Newgen always want to be updated and learn from partner's distribution solutions. We are happy that we have such a good communication with CMS and to know that we're always welcome to visit. Feel free to have a look at a few more images in the Related material below.

Our Supply Chain Manager visiting El Giganten's warehouse 

Newgen's Supply Chain Manager Sandra also visited one of our largest customer's warehouse in Jönköping, southern Sweden. New purchasers and done improvements makes it much worth for us to catch up and see what's done and how we can collaborate in new ways. Sandra got a tour in how the whole chain from intake to delivery goes and understanding in why it's so important that every delivery is in time, packed and deliveried the correct way. A picture from the inside of the enormous warehouse is attached in the Related material below.

We add value to our partners distribution solution, being local in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. Newgen has local service partners including RMA hubs, covering all the Nordic countries. We continuously continue to develop these services to increase the service level for our customers.

We are now part of the CMS Group. The merger will help us continue our aggressive growth and integrates Newgen into a Pan-European distribution group with an excess of revenue over 330M EUR for 2016.

Newgen supplies northern Europe with wearables and connected technologies and is always looking worldwide for great and innovative technology.