RoS Horsegear AB

Rebel´s of Sweden opens up for new investors

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 26, 2013 13:59 CEST

Invitation to any party interested in investing in high quality and inventive equine company, with ongoing "Proof of Concept".

RoS Horsegear AB have a patented interchangeable saddle system that now is on the way to the market. Minor sells have been made in Sweden and is starting up in UK and Germany (UK= own branch, DE=Agent).The brand is known in Sweden after two big fairs, several articles and a well defined marketing campaign in some of the equine magazines. As we see it it now has a good reputation and is the "talk of the town" in several equine communities.

We are now in the phase of establishing Retailers in Sweden (2-3 present and more ongoing negotiations) and Scandinavia (Norway ongoing) and also strengthening the German Agent together with Business Sweden (Swedish Export Council).

We have interested agents in US, Belgium/Netherlands and Poland and good cooperation with French and Spanish producers for other equine products for the Scandiinavian market. Products that we aim to adopt to the Rebel´s brand portfolio.

The estimated market in sweden for saddles is approx 4,2 Million €, UK aprox 10 times bigger…

A team with a veterenary surgeon, one ferrier and marketing expert is today partners and interested in establishing the product on the european or world market together with strong partner.
Good partnership deals, full transition and a "Swedish way of business" - together with a strong wish to care for the horses.

Suitable quant of investment is calculated to 3–400 000 € and there is a Swedish National Investment Agency, ALMI that could possibly "piggyback" on the same amout if needed. We asked former marketing manager Tommy Anzelius about this new step. Why right now?

- We are looking for a partner to transform this concept into a success - merging the saddle market from craftsmanship to industrial production and a new place in the sportfashion segment. Also we now with good marketing result needs to be present on the market and reachable for all customers. 

- All this together demands some capital - and knowhow - this is what we are looking for!

Contact VP or by mail for more information and documentation. Attach official document of your company, so we can validate your status and that you are in position to make such deals.  

Rebel’s of Sweden AB är ett kunskapsföretag inom ridsportområdet. Bolaget och dess grundare har en lång professionell kunskap och erfarenhet om de problem, funktioner och lösningar som är relaterade till samspelet mellan ryttare, häst och utrustning, samt den marknad som produkterna berör.
Kunskapen är baserad på 20 års arbete som hästveterinär i Sverige och Europa, långvarig närhet till hästsportmarknaden och ett professionellt egagemang på internationell tävlingsnivå.
Under de år som utvecklingen har pågått har stora investeringar gjorts i produktutveckling, design, patent, positionering samt utvecklande av marknadsmateriel/strategier.
Nu är marknaden och vi redo att presentera ett helt nytt sadelkoncept - bolaget finns representerat i Sverige, Tyskland och England, än så länge.