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International Pole Sport Federation (IPSF) and Solidtango are looking to the future with digital media rights partnership

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 23, 2017 13:46 CEST

Last week IPSF and Solidtango closed the deal. The agreement spans over three years and are exclusive for Solidsport. IPSF’s channel is already up and running and there have been two pilot competitions in Sweden and Norway but it is the WPSC 2017 in Holland that will be the first international competition.

- Over the next three years we hope to create a hub for pole enthusiasts as well as giving everyone the opportunity to watch our national qualification competitions. We are beginning with the World Championships in Holland in June and then plan to spread out across the world during our next competitive season, says Katie Coates President of IPSF.

Pole sports is an up and coming sport and the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) just took two steps closer to their long-term goal of inclusion into the Olympic Games. The partnership with Solidtango is also a step in the right way.

- An integral part of our long term plan is to publicise, grow and support our sport and its athletes, and it is important for us to have a platform whereby we can direct people to find out everything they need to know about our sport. Solidsport have offered us a great way of being able to do this, says Katie Coates President of IPSF. Our main goal is to get people watching our sport that perhaps have never seen it or understood it before. This will help the growth and popularity of our sport and hopefully with the help of Solidsport allow us to increase our viewing figures, she continues.

First up is IPSF World Pole Sports Championship in Amsterdam in June where Solidsport will produce their biggest production so far.

- We hope that our production of the World Championship will be a benchmark in how sport is produced in the emerging livestream web-tv format and a great showpiece both for us and IPSF. We hope to unveil some new technologies and see the World Championships clearly as a watershed moment for the future international growth of our platform, says Pontus Maltborg Head of Sports Solidtango.

Om Solidtango

Solidtango är en molnbaserad videoplattform som hjälper företag, föreningar och organisationer att sända TV via Internet i form av livesändningar och video. Bland kunderna finns finns alltifrån, föreningar, förbund, mediehus samt kommuner och företag som använder plattformen för såväl intern- som extern kommunikation.

Administration, paketering och distribution av video är grunden i plattformen, till detta erbjuder plattformen Intranät-funktionalitet och funktionalitet som gör att kunderna på ett enkelt sätt kan kapitalisera på sitt innehåll via annonser eller genom att ta betalt för sitt innehåll. Betalning för innehåll sker antingen i form av köp av enskilda sändningar sk. PPV eller genom att ta betalt för innehåll i abonnemangsform likt Netflix.

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