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Mattias Ohde

Mattias Ohde

Presskontakt Chief Executive Officer +46313524003
Christian Hed

Christian Hed

Presskontakt Head of Sales & Marketing +46856269603

Soluno BC - Driving the Future of Business Communications

At the start of 2017 SolusBC and Uno Telefoni (Uno) amalgamated and created the single largest and most expansive operator-independent supplier of cloud exchanges and coordinated communication service on the Nordic market. As one company and with a common platform, SolunoBC will have the best possible conditions for continued expansion in Sweden and, not least, internationally. SolunoBC will take the position of the leading systems integrator in the cloud and create the best experience for customers, partners and operators. During 2018, the company is expected to turn over more then 200MSEK on the Swedish market. Soluno are 60 employees in the offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Soluno BC
Lumaparksvägen 9
120 31 Stockholm