Sourcing Allies lanserar Coronavirus-supporttjänster för svenska företag som har tillverkning i Kina

Press releases   •   Mar 09, 2020 07:29 CET

Stockholmsbaserade Sourcing Allies har inköpsexperter på plats i Kina som hjälper företag att besöka och kommunicera med kinesiska fabriker under den globala spridningen av Coronaviruset.

Sourcing Allies launches Coronavirus support services for North American and European businesses that manufacture in China

Press releases   •   Mar 06, 2020 04:18 CET

Our China-based sourcing experts comprising US, UK, Swedish and Chinese nationals will help businesses get fast and accurate information regarding their orders.

Sourcing Allies Proves Digital Transformation is Possible in 'Old Fashioned' Businesses When Done Right

Press releases   •   May 20, 2019 16:11 CEST

Digital Transformation Helps Sourcing Allies Cut Sales Lead Times From Two Years to Less Than Six Months

About Sourcing Allies

We help you manufacture and source in China and get you the right price, quality & lead time.

Sourcing Allies assists in manufacturing and sourcing in China and other low-cost countries, with a focus on providing the right price, quality and lead time. Sourcing Allies' expertise is diecasting, plastic injection molding, metal stamping and other industrial goods.

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