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Nidarosdomen i Trondheim

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Nidarosdomen i Trondheim

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Per "Putte" Eby

Per "Putte" Eby

Press contact Projectleader S:t Olavsleden Östersund municipality +46 (0)70 698 45 60

Find yourself on the St. Olavsleden path to Nidaros. From coast to coast across two Scandinavian countries.

The Pilgrim path St. Olavsleden stretches 560 kilometres through Sweden and Norway from the Baltic Sea to the Atlantic. The path starts in Selånger, where King Olav Haraldsson stepped ashore in July 1030 after several years in exile. He marched his army to Norway, determined to convert the country to Christianity and win back the throne. The journey ended in Stiklestad, where Olav fell in battle on 29 July. Beautiful St. Olavsleden is Scandinavia’s answer to El Camino, through deep forests to open countryside and lakes.

S:t Olavsleden
Sweden and Norway