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Saanidhay at work
Saanidhay at work

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"My primary source of inspiration comes from being curious and finding ways to stay intrinsically motivated"

Swecare is an exciting workplace where no two days are the same. We believe in bringing in new mindsets and young talent and are delighted to have welcomed our first intern. Meet our intern Saanidhay Singh, graduate from Lund University.

Meet our intern Saanidhay, graduate from Lund University

What do you do here at Swecare?
As a Praktikant, I work with operations and communications-related tasks for Swecare. From taking an active part in delegation trips to webinars and research related to potential regions in which Swedish life science could be involved in is also a part of my internship.

Tell us about your typical day?
A typical day involves taking part in ongoing meetings to set or evaluate the ongoing tasks of increasing the organisations engagement with its stakeholders over various platforms and being a fresh set of eyes with a new perspective on ongoing and new projects. Specific practical duties vary over time as per requirement.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
My primary source of inspiration comes from being curious and finding ways to stay intrinsically motivated.

What do you know now that you didn’t know before?
Collaborating with diverse group of people with different mindsets and needs.

Any final word?
I look forward to my time here at Swecare while learning and working on new projects with this fantastic team.

Brief facts about Saanidhay Singh:

Lives: Currently living in Saltsjö boo, Stockholm
Master’s degree MSc – Accounting and Finance – Management Control at Lund University
Watching football, big Manchester United fan, Testing my general knowledge by quizzes, Gastronome
Listening to:
House music (any language it´s all about the beat)
How many languages do you speak?
Two, English and Hindi.
Hidden talent:
Never out of ideas





Cécilia Wismar

Cécilia Wismar

Kommunikationsansvarig 08 406 75 51

Välkommen till Swecare!

Swecare skapar mötesplatser där den svenska life science-sektorn kan stärka sina internationella relationer. Vi vill bidra till ökad export av svenska produkter, tjänster och kunskaper inom hälsoområdet.