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Introducing  Ana and Katya, our newest addition to the Swecare Team!

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Introducing Ana and Katya, our newest addition to the Swecare Team!

We are very happy to welcome Anastasiia and Kateryna to Swecare. Their expertise and commitment will be a key factor in achieving our efforts to support the rebuild of the Ukrainian healthcare system. In a couple of days, they will travel to Warsaw, Poland to participate in the leading world expo– ReBuild Ukraine – Healthcare & Rehabilitation, 24-25 June.

Three quick questions before they take off:

Why is it important to be there? We will help present solutions that can be instrumental to the rebuilding and upbuilding of Ukraine – by addressing the right audience of decisionmakers, and in our own dedicated pavilion.

Who will join us? Swedish government representatives and life science companies; as counterparts, Ukrainian procurement agencies, local government bodies, healthcare institutions and civil society groups.

What do we hope to achieve?
Hopefully, we will help plant the seeds of further fruitful cooperation, so that innovative Swedish solutions can be part of the groundwork for Ukraine’s restored and modernized healthcare.

Rebuild Ukraine: Health & Rehabilitation is the world's largest trade fair for the reconstruction of Ukraine's healthcare. For the first time, the focus is on healthcare. A high-level delegation with representatives of the Swedish health sector, Medicover, Elekta, Essity, Fillauer, Elof Hansson, Arjo and others, will be on site. The Swedish pavilion is set up by Forever Sustainable and Ny Teknik, with Medtech Magazine and Life Science Sweden as media partners. Swecare and Business Sweden participate as partners.
Read more: ReBuild Ukraine | Health & Rehabilitation (rebuildukraine-health.in.ua)

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Cécilia Wismar

Cécilia Wismar

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