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Swecat Racing presents the new “Hypercat”

Swecat Racing has during the last six months worked with well renowned Swedish design studio Mannerfelt Design Team, to develop a new Hyper boat – the Hypercat. Experience and expertise from Swecat Racing’s competition team, with multiple World Champions Mikael Bengtsson and Erik Stark as pilots, in close cooperation with Ocke and Ted Mannerfelt as designers, has resulted in a boat truly worthy of the name “Second generation”.

The new Hypercat, a 9,5 x 3 metre full canopy catamaran, is designed from the bottom up to take full advantage of the new powerful supercharged four stroke Mercury Racing Verado 400 ROS engines used exclusively in the XCAT World Series. The Hypercat will be built in Sweden, in full carbon fibre, drawing full use of the latest technology within vacuum infused composites manufacturing. The new boat has been designed to comply with most available offshore catamaran racing classes worldwide, including Superboat Stock, and naturally the UIM guidelines, currently governing the XCAT World Series..

In addition to a hull design engineered to harness the awesome power of the Mercury Racing 400 ROS engines, the boat has been optimized to minimize drag, using advanced wind tunnel simulation software. “Using the latest technology in computer aided simulation software, CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamic), we have optimized the new Hypercat’s aerodynamic properties, front to back, to the point where it now boasts the same drag coefficient as the old generation, more narrow boats, despite being significantly wider and with more lift.”, says Ocke Mannerfelt of Mannerfelt Design Team. “Luckily, fast shapes are most often also pleasing to the eye, which we truly feel is the case with the Hypercat.”, adds Ted Mannerfelt.

The vacuum infused full carbon fibre construction makes the boat extremely light and well balanced, allowing drivers and teams to fully adapt the boat to various race conditions and driver demands for handling characteristics. “Each and every measurement and angle of the hull design has been intensely scrutinized, leveraging the tremendous amount of experience amassed in this project. The new Hypercat will both be incredibly fast in a straight line, and at the same time predictable on the edge, inspiring driver confidence”, says Ted Mannerfelt.

Driver safety and comfort has also been a priority in the development of the Hypercat, and the cockpit has been completely redesigned to comply with the latest UIM safety guidelines, coming into effect in 2017. “We have worked closely with the UIM in this project, and have taken every single new requirement into consideration when designing the new cockpit”, says Ocke Mannerfelt.

Furthermore, the cockpit is designed around a new bespoke set of suspension seats, providing drivers with a whole new experience during rough water offshore racing. “Having suspension seats will truly give an edge during the kind of conditions we like to race in. We are really looking forward to the new boat, and are confident that it will improve our chances of winning races next season”, says Swecat Racing throttleman Mikael Bengtsson.

“We are extremely pleased with the new Hypercat. The work that has gone into this project has been a massive undertaking, both by ourselves and by Mannerfelt Design Team, who we really feel have outdone themselves in the quality of work they have supplied us with in this project. Swecat Racing are truly proud to be the first manufacturer in Europe able to present a completely new Hyper boat, compliant with a number of race classes worldwide. We have handpicked the foremost experts in composites manufacturing in an effort to clearly demonstrate the skill level available in Sweden today. I am really happy about the transformation that Swecat Racing has gone through in a very short time – from a dedicated race team to Europe’s only builder of true Hyper boats” says Niklas Sjöö, CEO of Swecat Racing. “We look forward to very soon also being able to show you the Hypercat in “pleasure” guise, of which the first has already been ordered for delivery early 2017”, says Niklas Sjöö.


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About Swecat Racing:

Swecat Racing is a Swedish offshore racing team. The team competes in the international UIM XCAT World Series (, where they finished 4th overall during the 2016 season, as best performing privately owned team.

Press info: Karl-Oskar Tjernström,, +46760742666

About Mannerfelt Design Team:

Mannerfelt Design Team ( is an award winning design company, focusing on boat design. Ocke Mannerfelt is the designer of the popular Nimbus Nova R-series and the iconic B-28 (Batboat), and Ted, formerly with automobile manufacturer Jaguar’s design studio, has among others designed the Delta Open series, Pirelli RIB boats and Ruptech.

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