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Johan Eriksson acting CEO of Vasaloppet

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Johan Eriksson acting CEO of Vasaloppet

Vasaloppet's Development Manager Johan Eriksson has been appointed acting CEO of Vasaloppet. A post he will hold for the next six months at least. Next up is the virtual Hemmavasan, where over 12,000 registered cyclists and runners in 20 countries will participate on their home turfs during the period of August 15–22.

Since Eva-Lena Frick left her position as CEO of Vasaloppet on the last day of June 2020, the board of Vasaloppsföreningen and Vasaloppets Marknads AB decided to appoint Johan Eriksson as acting head of operations/CEO. Vasaloppsföreningen's board and chairman Jonas Estéen intend to start a recruitment process for a new head of operations/CEO after Vasaloppet's Winter Week has completed in 2021.

Vasaloppet faces a couple of historical challenges in the near future, starting with Hemmavasan on August 15–22 with over 11,000 registered participants so far, followed by Vasaloppet's Winter Week 2021, 500 years after Gustav Vasa's adventure in Dalarna, and then Vasaloppet's 100th anniversary in 2022. Just to name a few.

Johan Eriksson, 44, has worked at Vasaloppet since 2013. First as acting Sport Manager and since 2015 as Development Manager. Johan Eriksson has previously been part of Vasaloppet's management team, which is jointly continuing the work that is already underway – now with Johan at the helm.

"I feel humbled by the task and at the same time, very enthusiastic. Right now Vasaloppet is in a stage where we are constantly gaining new experiences and developing as an organization and as a source of inspiration for what we stand for at our core; exercise and health. Something that is even more relevant than usual in times like these," says Johan Eriksson.

About 40 people are hired to coordinate and develop the Vasaloppet events.

Read more on Vasaloppet's organization:

High-resolution photo of Johan Eriksson with the Aukland bridge in the background. Photo: Vasaloppet/Alexander Winther.

Vasaloppet's upcoming events (Registration Open)

Hemmavasan August 15–22, 2020
Hemmavasan Cykel 90 (bike 94 km)
Hemmavasan Cykel 45 (bike 45 km)
Hemmavasan Cykel 30 (bike 32 km)
Hemmavasan Cykel 10 (bike 10 km)
Hemmavasan Ultra 90 (walk, jog, run 90 km)
Hemmavasan Ultra 45 (walk, jog, run 45 km)
Hemmavasan Trail 30 (walk, jog, run 30 km)
Hemmavasan Trail 10 (walk, jog, run 10 km)

Vasaloppet's Winter Week 2021
Fri 26 Feb: Vasaloppet 30. 30 km. Start Oxberg
Sat 27 Feb: Tjejvasan. 30 km. Start Oxberg
Sun 28 Feb: Ungdomsvasan. 9/19 km Start Eldris/Hökberg
Sun 28 Feb: Öppet Spår Sunday. 90 km. Start Sälen
Mon 1 Mar: Öppet Spår Monday. 90 km. Start Sälen
Tue 2 Mar: Vasaloppet 45. 45 km. Start Oxberg
Fri 5 Mar: Stafettvasan. 9–24 km. Five-person teams. Start Sälen
Fri 5 Mar: Nattvasan 90. 90 km. Two-person teams. Start Sälen
Fri 5 Mar: Nattvasan 45. 45 km. Two-person teams. Start Oxberg
Sat 6 Mar: Blåbärsloppet. 9 km. Start Eldris
Sun 7 Mar: Vasaloppet. 90 km. Start Sälen

Vasaloppet's Summer Week 2021

Fri 13 Aug: Cykelvasan Öppet Spår. 94 km. Start Sälen
Fri 13 Aug: Cykelvasasprinten. 1 km. Lindvallen. Start Sälen
Sat 14 Aug: Cykelvasan 90. 94 km. Start Sälen
Sun 15 Aug: Cykelvasan 30. 32 km. Start Oxberg
Sun 15 Aug: Ungdomscykelvasan. 32 km. Start Oxberg
Sun 15 Aug: Cykelvasan 45. 45 km. Start Oxberg
Sat 21 Aug: Trailvasan 30. 30 km. Start Oxberg
Sat 21 Aug: Ultravasan 45. 45 km. Start Oxberg
Sat 21 Aug: Ultravasan 90. 90 km. Start Sälen
Sat 21 Aug: Vasastafetten. 4.5–15 km. 90 km running relay for ten-person teams. Start Sälen
Sat 21 Aug: Vasakvartetten. 19.1–24.2 km. 90 km running relay for four-person teams. Start Sälen


High-resolution photos from Vasaloppet:

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Johan Eriksson, acting CEO
+46 (0)70-342 83 80

Camilla Sandy, Press Manager
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Vasaloppet is the world's biggest cross-country ski race. Vasaloppet's Winter Week with its cross-country skiing and Summer Week with mountain biking and running attract a total of almost 100,000 registered participants every year. Since the beginning in 1922 over 1.6 million participants have passed the finish line portal in Mora. Vasaloppet is a non-profit making organization owned by IFK Mora and Sälens IF. An engine for public health and sports club activities, in forefathers' tracks for future victories!


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