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Laila Kveli won TjejVasan 2015

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Laila Kveli won TjejVasan 2015

Laila Kveli, Norway, won TjejVasan 2015 ahead of Emilia Lindstedt, Sundbybergs IK, and Lina Korsgren, Falun Borlänge SK. The record time from 2008 still stands but Laila's winning time of 1.19.11 is the second fastest in TjejVasan history.

The pace in the 27th TjejVasan was fast from the beginning, and the tracks were hard and fine. At Gopshus the lead was held by a group of ten ladies led by last year's runner up Britta Johansson Norgren.

In Hökberg, Lina Korsgren took the spurt prize, 13 seconds faster than the record time from 2008. But the leading group, of which seven were Swedes and three Norwegians, still held together. The gap to the eleventh skier was 26 seconds, and it was already clear that these ten would be the top ten to finish the race.

The speed slowed somewhat after about half the race and the skiers took turns setting the pace. It was uncertain if and when someone would take the initiative, and mostly they watched one another.

Solfrid Braathen was first over the spurt prize line in Eldris, but now they were 45 seconds after the record time, and still the group held together.

The pink team companions in Team Ski Pro Am, Britta Johansson Norgren, Lina Korsgren and Solfrid Braathen, had hoped to split the group but did not manage it. Six kilometres from the finish, the speed increased but still the group would not break. Then it went slower again...

On the way in to Mora Parken it was Britta Johansson Norgren, Laila Kveli and Emilia Lindstedt who pushed ahead. Emilia was first over the Aukland bridge and on the final stretch it was down to four skiers. Emilia, who won Skinnarloppet last Sunday, held the lead while Laila Kveli waited. With about a hundred metres left, Laila switched to the track next to Emilia and managed to ski past and cross the finish line half a second before Emilia.

Laila Kveli, who won Vasaloppet these past two years, commented after the race:
"It was a bit back and forth, and a struggle for spots in the track, with so many ladies close together. I really had to fight to stay near the front and towards the final stretch I knew the speed would gradually increase. I thought I'd try to be one of the first three onto the final stretch, and then I could only hope to make my way forward."

"I felt energized when I switched tracks and my only thought was that I had to manage poling my way to the finish, and it went well," said Laila who felt in good shape, and who is now gearing up for her third Vasaloppet victory in a row, next Sunday.

Emilia Lindstedt was very happy with her second place finish, which she regards as the highest achievement of her career:
"We were many and it was important to hold a good position in case there would be a spurt. I tried to keep near the front when there were four kilometres left. On the final stretch I was in first place and I gave it all I had. No one came up next to me until the very end and I didn't have the energy to respond. It was close."

Results TjejVasan 2015

1 Laila Kveli, Norway, 01:19:11

2 Emilia Lindstedt, Sundbybergs IK, 01:19:12

3 Lina Korsgren, Falun Borlänge SK 01:19:12

4 Britta Johansson Norgren, Sollefteå Skidor, 01:19:17

5 Solfrid Braathen, Norway, 01:19:20

6 Kristina Roberto, Karlslunds IF SF, 01:19:20

7 Julia Svan, Vansbro AIK SK, 01:19:24

8 Hanna Falk, Ulricehamns IF, 01:19:31

9 Annika Löfström, Årsunda IF, 01:19:39

10 Astrid Øyre Slind, Norway, 01:19:50

For other results, click on RESULTS at Vasaloppet's website vasaloppet.se

First prize in TjejVasan 2015 is 50,000 SEK. The record time from 2008 when Susanne Nyström won in 1.18.30 still stands. Registration for TjejVasan 2016 opens on March 22 at 09:00.

ICA's spurt prize in Hökberg: Lina Korsgren, Falun Borlänge SK, 29.42,5
DHL's spurt prize in Eldris:Solfrid Braathen, Norway, 56.32,3

All finishes can be seen on Vasaloppet's website:

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FACTS/ TjejVasan winners over the years
1988 Karin Värnlund, IFK Mora
1989 Marie Johansson, Dala-Järna IK
1990 Cancelled
1991 Anna Frithioff, Kvarnsvedens GoIF
1992 Anna Frithioff, Kvarnsvedens GoIF
1993 Carina Görlin, Hudiksvalls IF
1994 Marie Helene Östlund, Hudiksvalls IF
1995 Marie Helene Östlund, Hudiksvalls IF
1996 Kerrin Petty, IFK Moras SK
1997 Karin Öhman, Stockviks Skidförening
1998 Bente Martinsen, Norway
1999 Elin Ek, Bergeforsens SK
2000 Annika Evaldsson, IFK Mora SK
2001 Anita Moen, Norway
2002 Emelie Öhrstig, Stockviks Skidförening
2003 Ulrica Persson, SK Bore
2004 Hilde G Pedersen, Norway
2005 Sofia Bleckur, IK Jarl
2006 Elin Ek, IFK Mora SK
2007 Susanne Nyström, Piteå Elit SK
2008 Susanne Nyström, Piteå Elit SK
2009 Susanne Nyström, Piteå Elit SK
2010 Susanne Nyström, IFK Mora SK
2011 Jenny Hansson, Östersunds SK
2012 Susanne Nyström, Laisvalls SK
2013 Susanne Nyström, Laisvalls SK
2014 Sofia Bleckur, IFK Mora SK
2015 Laila Kveli, Norway

NOTE! High resolution images from TjejVasan 2015

Laila Kveli, Norway, won TjejVasan 2015. 10,000 ladies had signed up to ski the thirty kilometres from Oxberg to the finish in Mora. The world's largest ski race just for ladies! Photos: Vasaloppet.

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