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Alf Sollevi Board member

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Alf Sollevi Board member

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Josefina Nilsson

Josefina Nilsson

Press contact CEO

Vironova making the invisible visible today.

Founded in Stockholm in 2005, Vironova is a world leading partner to the global life science community in the development of novel therapies for tomorrow. By combining hardware and software solutions for advanced electron microscopy analysis, we support our partners through the whole value chain. From initial sample preparation to imaging and final analytical result, our dedicated team provide insightful and actionable data. We empower clients to make better-informed decisions, to create value and ensure safety for patients worldwide.

Market insight and need
The life science market is shifting. Recent successes in genetic medicine have paved the way for a broader wave of therapies and next-generation technologies. As conventional therapies mature, cell and gene therapies are emerging as the future of biopharmaceuticals, representing a pivotal approach to treat previously uncurable diseases and conditions. As a result, the global cell and gene therapy market is expected to grow from 3 to 27 billion dollars by 2025.

Development of novel therapies is a highly regulated, costly and time critical process – setting high standards for secure, reliable and intuitive systems across the entire production line. Vironova is in pole position to capture value and growth opportunities in this ever-evolving landscape. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) paired with our intelligent software and experience, is the leading method capable of producing a reliable and accurate analysis for the development of novel therapies.

The problem we solve
TEM has previously been an expensive and complex practice to use in gene therapy, vaccine and drug development. At Vironova, we focus on supporting our partners by lowering technical thresholds, minimizing analytical complexity and provide business critical insights for the development of biopharmaceuticals targeting previously untreatable conditions.
We are experts in what we do and put technology and innovation at our core. From initial sample preparation to imaging and final analytical result, our dedicated team will cut time and cost to market for our clients, and ultimately create value for patients worldwide. We are on a mission to build trust in the therapies of tomorrow by making the invisible visible today.

The offer
Vironova provides fast and cost-effective electron microscopy services enabled by our own software and hardware. Our services are performed in the world’s only GMP-certified TEM laboratory, creating reliable and traceable results. This makes us the only company with a full-service value chain offer from start to finish.
By combining deep industry expertise and data-driven insights, we help clients solve real needs by making the subvisible accessible. With over 200 established customer relationships, Vironova is a leading partner for the life science industry. We have a strong acquisition pipeline of new clients and deep inroads with the global research community.

Future plan and viability
Our vision is clear, we want to set the golden standard for safe and effective therapy development. We ensure that our clients are placing their trust in the right therapeutic candidates, by removing subjectivity from the picture. Vironova is a key niche player in the life sciences market and we are well positioned to create value in an industry with strong financial characteristics. Society is currently taking the first steps towards unleashing the full potential of gene and cell therapies. Vironova makes the journey safer by providing a clear image of the future.