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Vironova MiniTEM event

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Vironova MiniTEM event

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Vironova is a Swedish biotechnology company providing comprehensive, hardware, software and services for the analysis of nanoparticles. Vironova revolutionizes access to transmission electron microscopy (TEM)-based image analysis in biopharmaceutical development. Our solution enables automated analyses for faster and better-informed decisions to secure robust bioprocessing and final product quality.

The Vironova offering comprises:

  • Cost-effective, fast and Electron Microscopy (EM) services enabled by the in-house developed Vironova Analyzing Software (VAS) for semi-automated nanoparticle analysis – read more about VAS here. Our EM services unit is also operating in the worlds first GMP certified Electron Microscope laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Viral clearance testing performed in Vironova Biosafety´s GLP and BSLIII certified laboratories 
  • MiniTEM™, a bench-top Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) system designed for automated nanoparticle characterization. High-resolution images reveal particle morphologies that are transformed into accurate metrics
  • ViroTEM is an automated and versatile TEM system for analysis and characterization of nanoparticles, which also comprces Vironova Imaging and Analysis Software (VIAS).

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Mohammed Homman

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