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Unearthing and Nurturing Young Photographic Talents - The 4th CDL Singapore Young Photographer Award offers Greater Scope & More Attractive Prizes

The 4th City Developments Limited (CDL) Singapore Young Photographer Award (SYPA) 2012 launched today with new categories and exciting themes. This biennial award has evolved to cast a larger net to capture more young and budding photographic talents!

One of the new categories added is the Young Nature Photographer Award. This is organised in
conjunction with the National Parks Board’s “City in a Garden” Photography Competition. Participants in this category are required to submit six images covering all of the following themes: Our Parks and Gardens; Trees and Forests; BiodiverCity; and My City in a Garden. This category was created to foster a greater appreciation of our rich biodiversity and the notion of Singapore being a “City in a Garden”.

The other new category is the “Themed Body of Work” Award. Participants in this category are required to submit six images based on a theme of their choice substantiated with a story behind the submission. This allows participants to take their creativity to new heights.

The criteria for the CDL SYPA remain the same as in previous years. As for the Young Architectural Photographer Award, participants are now required to submit six images that feature any of CDL’s properties (residential, office, shopping mall or industrial).

The competition is open to young shutterbugs from 13 to 25 years of age, with participants split into the Youth (19-25) and Junior (13-18) categories respectively. Besides a greater scope, there is also an added incentive to join in the fun as the cash prizes have increased from S$17,000 (SYPA 2010) to S$27,000 for SYPA 2012!

Inaugurated in 2006, SYPA aims to nurture budding photographic talents and elevate the profile of
photography art amongst the youths. In recent years, photography has emerged as a popular art form that offers infinite possibilities for creativity and self-expression. The 3rd SYPA held in 2010 received 1,100 entries – an increase of 30% from 2008.

Through SYPA, a platform is established for youths to step on for higher aspirations. SYPA has acted as a springboard to propel young photographers forward. For example, the merit winner of 2006 earned the opportunity to represent Singapore in the ASEAN Young Photographers Award. The same will be accorded to 2012 winners. Additionally, two of SYPA’s past winners were invited to join the photography team for a publication by the Preservation Monuments Board.

SYPA is presented by CDL as part of the Company’s corporate social responsibility commitment to support youth development and promote the arts. The Company hopes that youths will apply their experiences garnered through SYPA to contribute to the arts scene locally, adding vibrancy as well as its youthful energy. In addition, it hopes to engage youths to appreciate architecture and buildings, so that they can discover and allow these ‘voices behind walls’ to be captured through photography.

The deadline for all submissions is on 22 April 2012. A Prize Presentation & Exhibition will be held in July at the National Museum of Singapore. All winners will have the opportunity for their masterpieces to be exhibited at the museum for the public to view. Additional information is available at:

SYPA 2012 is supported by the following organisations: 2902 Gallery, AVS Printing Pte Ltd,
Ministry of Education, National Museum of Singapore, and Pico Art International Pte Ltd.

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