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About Laser Cladding Singapore Pte Ltd

Remanufactured to Last

Laser Cladding Singapore (LCS) Pte Ltd was founded in 2010 as a joint venture between CLLS Pte Ltd (Singapore) and German partners Gall & Seitz Systems (GSSY) GmbH and Nippon Diesel Service (NDS) GmbH with the aim of revolutionizing repair and servicing in the global marine sector through the process known as Laser-Powder-Cladding. Our joint venture is meant to harness the synergies of over a decade of research and development in Laser-Powder-Cladding through GSSY and marine distribution expertise of CLLS and NDS to expand such technologies into Asia.


  • Laser Cladding Singapore Pte Ltd
  • 3 Tuas Avenue 2 Singapore 639454
  • Phone: (65) 6264 2922 Fax: (65) 6264 0202

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