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Higher Government Support for Community-Based Services for the Elderly

The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) will provide more resources and support to community-based eldercare services, especially those for the lower-income elderly. 

MCYS will increase funding for the following programmes – Day Care Centres, Home Help Services and Seniors Activity Centres. This will extend the reach and affordability of these services immediately, while MCYS conducts a systematic longer term review of community-based eldercare services under the Ministerial Committee on Ageing. 

A write-up on Day Care Centres, Home Help Services and Senior Activity Centres is provided at Annex A.

Extension of Subsidies for Day Care Centres and Home Help Services 

Day Care Centres and Home Help Services support seniors within the community by providing care and supervision when their family caregivers are at work or are unable to care for them. From 1 Oct 2011, MCYS will extend its subsidies for these services beyond the current 30th income percentile to the 50th income percentile. With the change, families with per capita income of $951-1400 can now receive 25% subsidy. They were previously not eligible. A summary of the changes can be found in Annex B

Higher Funding for Senior Activity Centres

Senior Activity Centres play a critical role in providing social support for poor and vulnerable elderly. MCYS will increase the Government’s share of funding for these centres from 50% to 60%, starting 1 Jan 2012. This will enable service providers to enhance the range and quality of programmes that they currently offer. On top of this, additional performance-based funding support will be introduced in the later part of 2012 to encourage Senior Activity Centres to strive towards extending their reach and enhancing their programmes and services. 

Revision of Funding Norms

In addition, MCYS is reviewing the funding norms for the above funded services to take into account year-on-year cost increases. The revised norms will take effect from April 2012. 

Together, the adjustments will result in an additional $5 million funding support for community-based eldercare services in 2012. 


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