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MCYS' Addendum to the President's Address

  • MCYS will help build a cohesive and resilient society - one that is inclusive and united, and underpinned by strong families and active and caring communities.
  • MCYS will manage current social challenges and prepare for the emerging social landscape brought about by evolving demographic trends, economic developments and citizen expectations. We will adopt a more client-centric and integrated approach to reach out to those in need, including taking a lifecycle approach to deliver assistance to different segments. 
  • In pursuing our work, MCYS will adopt a 3-P (Public-Private-People) approach to leverage on the strengths of different stakeholders. We will enhance the capacity and capability of the social service sector, including greater sharing of specialist resources, integrated backend support for providers and better career and development opportunities for social service professionals.
  • MCYS will also expand opportunities for youths to play a positive role in our community and nation. Sports will be one strategy to prepare individuals for tomorrow’s challenges, bond our communities, and ignite and unite our nation.

MCYS seeks to build a cohesive and resilient society – one that is inclusive and united, and underpinned by strong families and active and caring communities. 

Helping the needy and persons at risk 

With rising economic volatility and industry restructuring, MCYS will strengthen the social safety net to help those in need so that no one is left behind. We have recently enhanced the Public Assistance scheme and the ComCare financial assistance schemes for childcare and kindergarten. We will also review our policies, programmes and services to keep in step with emerging needs arising from social and demographic changes. 

We will also work with partners, such as the Community Development Councils and Voluntary Welfare Organisations, to improve the delivery of social assistance through better service integration and coordination. This is achieved through greater sharing of information, training and capability building. We will also study the needs of emerging groups who need support and develop appropriate programmes. Together, these measures will contribute towards a more client-centric and flexible approach to help those in need. 

MCYS will work with partners such as Family Service Centres to expand early intervention efforts for individuals and families at risk. We will reinforce social safeguards to reduce harm arising from problem gambling. We will also enhance efforts to help at-risk youth stay on the right path. For youth offenders, effective rehabilitation and re-integration into society will be our priority. 

Supporting persons with disabilities 

MCYS will develop and implement the Enabling Masterplan 2012-2016 to support persons with disabilities. We will enhance programmes and services for early intervention, expand education and employment opportunities, develop more care options, and provide better support for caregivers so that persons with disabilities are supported in different life-stages. 

Strengthening families 

The family is the basic building block of our society. MCYS will continue to review policies and spearhead education programmes to promote strong families. We will work hand-in-hand with the people sector to promote pro-family values and create a pro-family environment. We will also expand support for caregivers who have to take care of their family members. 

Better support will be provided to families with young children. To ensure that quality child care services remain accessible and affordable, we will expand the number of child care centres, and invest more resources in training and career development for child care professionals. Standards of care and development in child care centres will be improved. 

Preparing Singaporeans for their later years 

As our population ages, we will provide more support to Singaporeans to prepare for their later years. We will promote active ageing and encourage citizens to stay healthy, active and engaged. We will also work with the Ministry of Health to expand community and home-based eldercare services, and step up investment in infrastructure and manpower for the eldercare sector. 

In recent years, MCYS had enacted the Mental Capacity Act, established the Office of the Public Guardian and amended the Maintenance of Parents Act. We will continue to ensure that seniors who are vulnerable receive adequate protection and support. 

Nurturing stronger helping hands 

The community and Voluntary Welfare Organisations play an important role in reaching out and providing social services to Singaporeans under our “Many Helping Hands” approach. To uplift professional standards in the social service sector, MCYS will provide more resources to enhance the sector’s capacity and capability. Together with the National Council of Social Service, we will expand manpower and organisational capability building efforts to nurture ‘stronger hands’, and also enhance career pathways to better attract and retain social workers and other professionals in the sector. 

MCYS will continue to promote volunteerism and philanthropy as avenues for successful Singaporeans to contribute back to society. Besides enhancing standards of governance in the charity sector to sustain public confidence, MCYS also partners the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre to make it easier for more people to give back and be involved in the community. We also recognise the unique contributions women have made to society and will continue to engage relevant organisations to facilitate their participation and contributions in different spheres of society. 

Building community bonds 

MCYS will continue to promote communal harmony and strengthen community bonds. The building of friendship, understanding and trust amidst increasing diversity will be supported through organisations such as the People’s Association and grassroots platforms such as the Inter-racial and Religious Confidence Circles. We will also step up integration efforts to build stronger bonds between locals and newer members of our society. 

Promoting sports 

Sports has the ability to build character and resilience, and to foster community bonds and national pride. Together with the Singapore Sports Council, MCYS is engaging Singaporeans from all walks of life to develop and to put into action Vision 2030, a national initiative to better leverage on sports in the development of our people, our communities and our country. 

MCYS will also work towards building a comprehensive sports infrastructure, ranging from world-class sports facilities to conveniently-located regional and community-based facilities. To provide more opportunities for Singaporeans to engage in sports, we will also introduce sports programmes for the community, such as the Singapore National Games. 

Developing and engaging youth 

Every young Singaporean can step forward to play a part in shaping the future of our society and make a difference in the lives of others. Together with the National Youth Council, MCYS will nurture more youth leaders who can to contribute at the national and community levels. 

Through initiatives such as Project Youth Empowerment, we will create more opportunities for our youth to maximise their potential and broaden their horizons. They will be able to apply their energy and idealism to improving the community, and be actively engaged in shaping and realising their aspirations for Singapore.


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