Press releases

News Release: Carpet from Polly Piroutte Collection, Harlequin, Goodrich

Jun 04, 2014 16:42 +08
Specially developed for Harlequin by leading Dutch rug manufacturer Brink & Campman...

News Release: Wallcovering from Brocades Collection, Omexco, Goodrich

Jun 04, 2014 16:41 +08
The name Brocade comes from the Italian word “broccato”, meaning “embossed cloth”...


Jun 03, 2014 18:19 +08
Roller Blinds have been a hot favourite of window dressing trends for 2014…

Goodrich DIY- Fabric Tassle

Jun 03, 2014 15:58 +08
In 4 easy steps, get yourself a tassel.

News Release: Carpet from Candy Fairgate, Mohawk, Goodrich

Jun 03, 2014 15:41 +08
Add a glamorous touch to your hospitality projects with the carpets from Candy Fairgate..

News Release: Wallcovering from Premierwall Pavillion, Goodrich

Jun 03, 2014 15:39 +08
Textures and prints play a huge part in the Pavillion wallcovering collection..

News Release: Fabrics from Conure Collection, Kobe, Goodrich

Jun 02, 2014 16:34 +08
Conure takes pride in its simplicity in design.


Jun 02, 2014 12:23 +08
Summer is here again! It is a time to relax and enjoy a change of scenery..

News Release: Fabric from Discovery Collection, Blendworth, Goodrich

May 30, 2014 10:19 +08
Blendworth lauched its latest Spring/Summer 2014 collection, Discovery...

News Release: Fabric from Silva Collection, Blendworth, Goodrich

May 29, 2014 17:44 +08
Blendworth lauched its latest Spring/Summer 2014 collection, Silva....