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Mimmi Kotka, Ultra Runner and World Champion, with the Trail Runner Free
Mimmi Kotka, Ultra Runner and World Champion, with the Trail Runner Free

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Trail Runner Free is a new series of iconic headlamps from the Swedish outdoor brand SILVA. The headlamps are customized for running and feature a new kind of technology with the power cord integrated into the fabric of the headband. This, in combination with soft textile details, enable a unique comfort experience for all runners. The design of the Trail Runner Free series was recognised with the prestigious “ISPO 2020” Industry Award for its comfort and new ground-breaking technology.

There are many headlamps in the market without power cords. But until today, that has always implied batteries integrated into the actual headlamp resulting in uneven weight distribution and uncomfortable movement. With Free Technology™, all cords and cables have been woven into the headband. This promotes perfect weight distribution between the headlamp at the front and the battery at the back of your head, but still without any distracting cords between the headlamp and the battery.

As well as being perfectly balanced and lightweight, the Trail Runner Free headlamps feature soft textile details. The headband is soft, yet firm, with a silicone string on the inside to hold it in place. An extension cord allows you to move the battery from the headband to a pocket or a backpack if preferred. The cord is flat, and textile covered, just like a shoelace, which is comfortable even against the skin.

Every aspect of the Trail Runner Free is made for running. The light beam image is customized for trail running. A versatile battery case enables use of either the rechargeable Silva Hybrid Battery or regular alkaline batteries for long runs, and the battery case holds an integrated red rear safety light for extra visibility. "

"Running with the Trail Runner Free is great. I love the integration of the power cord into the headband, makes for one less thing. And as always the capacity of the SILVA headlamps are great. For me, often running in exposed environments in the dark or on technical decents, this is so important." Mimmi Kotka, Ultra Runner and SILVA ambassador. 

The idea behind the new Trail Runner Free is to provide a balanced, lightweight, and soft headlamp that is almost unnoticed by the user – pure comfort enabled by technology.

The Trail Runner Free series consist of 3 different models, with a recommended retail price ranging from 84.99 to 134.99 EUR. The headlamps will be launched globally on the 9th of September. 

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Three entrepreneurial brothers. One great invention. In 1933, Björn, Alvar and Arvid Kjellström invented the first ever liquid-filled compass, and our story began. Not only was it the first compass of its kind, but it also set the global standard for how navigation works. The SILVA brand was born. A few years later, in 1935, we expanded our business with our new invention, and first headlamp, Zeiler. We have since then continued to evolve and set trends for outdoor equipment. The SILVA brand is currently marketed to the Nordic region, Europe, Asia and North America. Since 2011, SILVA is owned by Karnell. For more info, please visit

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Madelene Öhlin

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Emilia Schönning

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