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Violent Crime Task Force offensive weapon arrest

News • Metropolitan Police • Apr 25, 2018 22:44 GMT

Metropolitan Police Detectives from the Met's newly launched crime taskforce have seized a combination hammer/knife in Newham. Read more

Our 2018 Market Confidence Survey

Blog posts • Office Experts • Apr 25, 2018 16:57 GMT

At Office Experts, we believe it is crucial to understand the impact Brexit will have in our Industry. We surveyed a select group of Industry Thought Leaders on the effect Brexit may have on their business in 2018. Read more

New hypothesis for the evolutionary origin of mitochondria

Images • Uppsala University • Apr 25, 2018 17:00 GMT

Uppsala University The bacterial ancestor of mitochondria diverged from the Alphaproteobacteria prior to their diversification and at some point engaged in endosymbiosis with an archaeal host cell related to the Asgard archaea. From their 'union', complex, eukaryotic cells as we know them emerge. Read more

Edge 520 Plus memo

Documents • Garmin Nordic Denmark • Apr 25, 2018 10:16 GMT

Read more

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