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CTF Newsletter no 3, 2018, from CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, Sweden

News • Karlstads universitet • Jun 21, 2018 06:33 GMT

Karlstads universitet CTF, Service Research Center at Karlstad University, Sweden, is one of the world´s leading research centers focusing on service management and value creation through service. We develop and conduct research project in close collaboration with service businesses, manufacturing companies, and publi... Read more


Blog posts • Office Experts • Jun 20, 2018 14:30 GMT

Jules Rimet Dreamt Big and His Vision Led to the Birth of The Football World Cup Competition Jules Rimet became the 3rd President of FIFA on 1st March 1921 and had a dream, a vision of an international football competition. Previously Football was played internationally only at the Olympics. I... Read more

Prince2 Training in Delhi - Prince2 Foundation training Delhi | Vinsys

Events • Vinsys • May 19, 2018 09:57 GMT

Read more

Time: Jun 23 - Jul 01
Location: Delhi

The engineering team from Chalmers which built the receiver

Images • Chalmers University of Technology • Jun 21, 2018 07:00 GMT

Chalmers University of Technology The engineers in the Band 1 project at Onsala Space Observatory, at Chalmers University of Technology. From left: Lars Wennerbäck, Miroslav Pantaleev, Jan Karaskuru, Per Björklund, Christer Hermansson, Leif Helldner, Bo Wästberg, Jonas Flygare, Lars Pettersson, Ronny Wingdén, Magnus Dahlgren and ... Read more

Vibration tests in Karlskoga, Sweden

Videos • Chalmers University of Technology • Jun 21, 2018 07:00 GMT

The receiver is subjected to tough vibration tests at Bofors Test Centre in Karlskoga. Video (10 sec) available. Credit: Leif Helldner/Chalmers University of Technology Read more

Length 0:10
Class 196 schedule of finishes

Documents • West Midlands Trains • Jun 19, 2018 09:33 GMT

Please note this is not a final document and is subject to some small changes. However, this is how the new interiors might look. Read more