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New Instructability Course comes to Hillingdon

Aspire carried out research, looking at disability and the fitness industry, which showed that there was a definite need for better training around inclusive fitness. It was clear that disabled people often feel more confident when there are disabled fitness instructors in their gym and that disabled people wishing to become fitness instructors faced obstacles and discrimination when applying for roles in the fitness industry.

As a pioneer in the field of inclusive fitness, this led the charity to approach YMCAfit and IFI (Inclusive Fitness Initiative) with a proposal to train disabled people as fitness instructors and Instructability was born.

We are currently running our fourth Instructability course at the Surrey Docks Watersports Centre and are looking for new candidates to sign up for our next course at the Hillingdon Sports and Leisure Centre. Instructability is proud to have been awarded the Inspire Mark by the  London 2012 Inspire programme.

John, who is blind, took part in Instructability and was featured on BBC Saints and Scroungers. He says, "When I found out about the Instructability course I didn’t believe what I was hearing, this was the break I was trying to get for ages. After I passed the course I thought this is going to be the start of a fantastic future". John is currently employed by Virgin Active as a full time gym instructor.

Fran, pictured, who is spinally injured says,"I often feel self-conscious in the gym environment, and this isn’t helped in many gyms that don’t have the correct equipment or staff who are willing to help. The Instructability scheme is a great initiative, it is giving me the skills and experience to secure an entry level job in the fitness industry and hopefully, by increasing the number of people working in the sector with a disability will send a positive signal to other people in the same boat who may be put off using a gym."

For further information about the course contact Hilary Farmiloe, Inclusive Fitness Manager at Aspire, on 07917 822977 or




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