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Charlotte Sutcliffe-Smith

Press contact Head of PR & Marketing Press & Marketing +44 207 729 9001

Vintage Clothing Company

Beyond Retro offers the biggest, leading selection of hand-picked vintage clothing to style conscious shoppers.

Our large-scale, show-stopping stores are a dazzling celebration of style through the decades. The first Beyond Retro store opened in a disused dairy in East London, where we built up a reputation for being an innovative retailer with a rock 'n' roll heart. Against the burgeoning Brick Lane scene, Beyond Retro emerged as a trailblazer, selling 20th-century fashion in all its outrageous and exotic glory. Led by instinctive fashion forecasting and staffed by creative individuals, the company continues to source original wares and kick-start trends.

The vibrant, creative spirit of the original East London scene is integral to the shopping experience in every Beyond Retro store; in London, Brighton, Sweden and online too! As we bring our vintage vision to more people across the UK and Europe, we never lose sight of the essential cultural nostalgia, intrinsic to the Beyond Retro world/

Beyond Retro UK
Penn Street
N1 5DL London
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