Synergy SKY

Long time listener, first time caller…

Blog post   •   May 12, 2017 19:29 BST

About four months ago, we took our decades-long expertise and experience in the UC/Video Service Provider (SP) space and expanded our offerings into the Enterprise market. Enterprises have always been “users” of our technology powering the offerings of their Service Provider, so we have been listening to the needs of the Enterprise users of collaboration technologies through our SP partners for the past 10 years.

Our Enterprise Edition family of products are essentially our way of addressing the needs of the Enterprise, with our expertise stemming from listening to their needs. Yes, we have been listening for a long time dear Enterprise IT, but this is our first direct call to you. Hello.

Our many years addressing the SP market with a multi-vendor management solution has taught us a number of valuable lessons, one of which is customers want choice and flexibility when it comes to collaboration technologies. Gone are the days of managing the walled gardens of single vendor solutions. Even if IT tries to restrict what is installed on corporate issue devices, it has no control over what devices and technologies the employees, partners and customers use.

With the introduction of Sky Meeting Server (SMS), we addressed the age-old problem of fixing the workflow in scheduling and joining video calls in multi-vendor environments. Because whether you are using Skype for Business (S4B), a SIP/H.323 Video conferencing endpoint, or webRTC technologies, you should not need to make more than one click to join the call. Any more complicated, and the meetings do not start on time, become expensive to support, and the ROI goes south.

Only four short months on, and the market has proven us right! Users love video meetings when they can join with one click, and the technology just works! Schedule S4B and/or videoconference meetings in Outlook or your phone, no plug-ins required. Or forward a meeting invitation to your video system and connect in one click. If you don’t know which room your invitees are going to use, just invite them and let them decide themselves. Mix and match traditional video conference with Skype4B and webRTC. Most importantly: start all meetings with a single CLICK! And on-time.

Yes, four months ago, we started this journey with bare hands: zero customers in the Enterprise, and no resellers certified with our products, yet armed with a solid reputation of solving hard-to-solve problems in collaboration through rock-solid software.

Today, with a global network of certified partners and hundreds of clients, we feel proud of our accomplishments in the past four months. Of course, having made good friends along the many years working with other vendors to address the SP market has been invaluable. Specifically, our friends at Pexip, Microsoft and Cisco have invited us to solve problems in many customers around the world (see map). These customers were intrigued by the simplicity we bring to their overall user experience.