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Claire Levy

Claire Levy

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Charity supporting people with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, through the provision of advice and services and funding research into a cure.

We aim to support people with diabetes, through the provision of advice and services, while the researchers we fund continue to work towards finding a cure.

We undertake national awareness campaigns to ensure the public are aware of diabetes, its risk factors, symptoms and potential complications.

We provide support to diabetes and related healthcare professionals in support of their patients through the provision of educational events and advisory literature.

We seek to achieve these goals by:
The funding of scientific and clinical research studies
The promotion of screening, wellness and other health related programmes
The operation of a membership Diabetes Wellness Network encouraging the sharing of knowledge and the provision of professional advice
The organisation of events focused on the provision of practical advice and information
The dissemination of information on diabetes for the purpose of informing the general public on the symptoms, causes and effects of diabetes
The provision of advisory literature to diabetes clinics for distribution to patients
The establishment of community out-reach programmes

Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation
Building 6000 Langstone Technology Park
PO9 1SA Havant