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Digital Yacht products with TIMEZERO software

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Digital Yacht products with TIMEZERO software

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TIMEZERO needs no introduction from Digital Yacht. It’s a popular PC navigation program with advanced navigation capabilities including excellent AIS & instrument displays, advanced routing and a wide choice of chart formats. 

Digital Yacht’s Aqua Compact Pro PC is optimised for use with TIMEZERO software and is the perfect hardware companion. It provides all the processing and graphics power you need (even for radar and chart overlays) in an ultra-compact format with direct DC operation and low power consumption. It utilises the latest 10th generation Intel i3 processor with 8GB RAM, a 240GB ultra rugged, solid state hard drive and is preinstalled with Windows 10. There’s also the Pro+ model with an Intel i7 processor and 480GB capacity – ideal if you’re a professional user integrating bathymetry and 3D sonar with TimeZero.

We also have a wide range of wireless and USB interfaces to allow onboard NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 data to integrate fully with the system. The TIMEZERO PC app can also synchronise data to the popular TZ iPad app – sharing waypoints, marks and routes across the cloud. Our 4G Connect Pro is the ideal coastal internet access system allowing web browsing, cloud access and easy download of weather information too.

You can review a complete overview of our products, optimised for use with TIMEZERO, by clicking on the download button at the bottom of the page or by clicking HERE.

If you’re a reseller, distributor or dealer, feel free to reach out to us for details of our trade programs. A copy of our latest pricelist is available to download from HERE

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